Top 3 Lures For Winter Redfish (And When To Use Them)


There’s no one perfect lure for every scenario…

But depending on the depth, water clarity, and what the fish are currently feeding on, there are some lures that’ll definitely work better than others.

So in this video, you’re going to see my top three favorite lures for winter redfish and when I like to use them.

Whether you’re sight fishing the flats or pitching lures under docks, this video will help you catch more redfish this winter.

Let’s dive in!

Top 3 Lures For Winter Redfish [VIDEO]

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Catching Winter Redfish On Jerk Shads

Sight fishing clear, shallow flats is one of my favorite ways to target redfish.

And winter is the best time of year to do that because the water is the clearest.

But in these conditions the fish are extra spooky, so you need a lure that won’t scare them off.

A jerk shad rigged on a 1/16 oz. weighted hook is perfect for this.

The split tail doesn’t make too much commotion in the water, and it’s erratic action mimics both an injured baitfish and a fleeing shrimp.

The 1/16 oz. weighted hook is good here because it doesn’t make too much of a splash when it hits the water and the water is shallow, so you don’t need to get your lure down deep.

For this setup, I like the Alabama Leprechaun rigged on an Owner TwistLock hook.

Catching Winter Redfish On Paddletails

how to fish mangroves for snook

If you’re fishing deeper docks or dirty water, it’s tough to beat a 3-4″ paddletail.

When fishing docks, rig your paddletail on a jig head to get it down to the bottom quickly.

The reason a jig head is better than a weighted hook here is that the jig head is front weighted, which makes it dive down quicker.

And of course, the weight will depend on the current and how deep the water is.

The other time to use a paddletail for winter redfish is if the water on the flats is dirty.

For instance, if a cold front comes through and rain brings a lot of runoff into the flats or wind churns up the water, then the fish will have trouble seeing a jerk shad.

The paddletail makes a lot of vibration in the water, so fish are able to find it better in these conditions.

When I’m fishing paddletails on the flats, I like to use a weighted hook.

But compared to jerk shads, paddletails typically ride higher in the water, so I like to use a heavier weighted hook to keep it down near the bottom in the strike zone.

When I’m using paddletails for redfish in the winter, my go-to setup is the Slam Shady rigged on either a jig head or a 1/8 oz. Owner TwistLock hook.

Catching Winter Redfish On Shrimp Lures

Shrimp lures are great all around winter lures.

Whether you’re fishing deep docks or clear, shallow flats, redfish have a tough time saying no to a shrimp lure.

And they’re especially deadly rigged on a jig head when fishing sandy or muddy bottom because bouncing it off the bottom plumes up the sand and mud, which sends a clear signal to the fish where an easy meal is.

But unlike baitfish, which are smallest in the winter, shrimp are biggest in the winter.

So I like to use a larger shrimp lure in the 3-5″ range.

I’ve been loving the Power Prawn rigged on a jig head.


best new shrimp lure

The best lure for redfish in the winter will depend on where you’re fishing.

If you’re sight fishing the flats, go with a jerk shad.

If you’re fishing docks or dirty water, go with a paddletail.

And then you’ve got the shrimp lure, which can be effective in either scenario.

Here’s where you can get these lures:

Have any questions about which lures to use for redfish in the winter?

What’s your favorite lure this time of year?

Let me know down in the comments!

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James Wilson
6 months ago

I notice they say crabs are a source of food for the redfish. But I never hear any of the speakers ever using them. I find here in Texas that they are outstanding for black drums. So when do you recommend using the crab lures offered by Salt Strong.

Jeffrey Chewning
1 year ago

I got my Alabama Leprechauns the other day. They’re much darker than the green ones in the video. What’s up?

Luke Simonds
1 year ago

The Alabama Leprechauns do have a dark green base, but it looks much lighter when out in the sun. But since the Alabama Leprechauns in the video on this page weren’t in the sun, I’m curious to see if you somehow got a bad batch… if so, that’ll be the first I’ve ever seen of that happening. Please me a pic of the ones you got whenever you get a chance:

Jeff Chewning
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

All good. I didn’t get a chance to see them on the sunlight before posting. Can’t wait for the rain to stop in SC so I can get out there!

David Wamsley
1 year ago

Tony-Good suggestions as usual. You mentioned that you don’t have grass flats where you is in Florida. I am considering moving to the west coast of Florida. Do you have any suggestions about where the most productive fishing locations are?

C. Lance Weaver
1 year ago

Well done Tony!

Tom Roper
1 year ago

Tony, Thanks again for a great video. Joe and Luke had a video recently discussing the Power Prawn. That showed a weedless hook similar to the owner twist lock without the spring and the weight was closer to the eye. Do you know the brand and details of that hook ? Thanks!

Sam Craparo
1 year ago

You experience and knowledge is very beneficial to those of us are not able to fish as much as you do. Thanks for the information. Good job.

Joe G
1 year ago

What size n weight hook do you use on the power prawn?

1 year ago

Scent or no scent?

Jean Long-Thomason
1 year ago

Great info.

Adam Bailey
1 year ago

Excellent presentation, Tony. I really liked how you summed things up toward the end.


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