#1 Fishing Spot For Winter Redfish & Trout On The Flats

Do you want to catch more redfish and trout this winter up on the flats?

Where is the #1 spot you should target to locate these species of fish?

If you want to learn about the best spot to catch more redfish and trout this winter, then check out these tips below!!

You do not want to miss this!

#1 Fishing Spot For Winter Redfish & Trout On The Flats

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First, you want to begin your trip on a flat where there are tons of potholes and pockets of seagrass along the edges and in the flat.

The fish aren’t going to be holding in shallow water, rather, they make use of depth highways along the flat.

Look for small depth changes off the shorelines and flats where these fish will navigate and patrol.

You want to set yourself up to fish the depth change just as it comes out of the shallows.

It is very likely the fish will feed there early in the morning or later on in the evening.

If you are not fishing at early sunrise or sunset, you need to focus on small depth changes along the flats.

You will find these cuts or trenches coming off shorelines and leading out of intracoastal waterways.

These depth changes allow fish to hold in stable temperatures and have easy access to food.

Retrieve Techniques

You want to focus on a vertical presentation with your baits and lures along these depth highways.

You will not be utilizing a straight, constant retrieve as you swim your lures over depth changes.

If you do roll your lure past the highway quickly, your chances of missing out on fish increase.

Instead, you want to make use of a twitch-twitch-pause retrieve along the depth highways.

By allowing the lure to settle back down after the twitches, you give fish more time to see and find it on the highway.

Fish Behavior

The fish at this time of year are not incredibly active and willing to go to great lengths to expend calories for a meal.

They are more focused in staying locked down in ambush zones along flats.

Trout especially will hunker down in potholes and wait for meals to come to them.

Redfish will focus more on the perimeter edges of the depth changes and flats.

How To Find The Depth Changes

It can be difficult to locate depth changes and highways underneath the surface of the water.

The main thing you must look for is color changes.

If you can, have something on your boat with you that can allow you to get higher up and be able to look down into the water.

You want to find areas with color changes that make it difficult to see all the way to the bottom.

This shows you where the depth will drop off and the fish are congregating.

#1 Fishing Spot For Winter Redfish & Trout On The Flats [VIDEO]

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Winter allows anglers to hone in on specific areas where fish behavior is predictable due to the weather and cold fronts.

Fish will not want to expend unnecessary energy and calories chasing down bait and food when they can hold up and wait for an ambush opportunity.

Be sure to look for those color changes and locate depth highways along grass flats that will indicate redfish and trout are nearby!

If you have any further questions on the best spots to fish this winter, please ask me down in the comments!

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Lyle Crafton
1 year ago

Crystal clear water works both ways. Great to see fish and great for them to see you. One has to keep a lower profile and be wery, wery, quiet. I don’t know if it helps but I side cast rather than whipping the rod overhead. The little cove you found reminded me of some places in South Florida that had little channels through the mangroves you could barely get through in a canoe and laying down to get under the branches. Back inside it would open up into a couple of acre flat. It was boom or bust, full of fish in a barrel or empty.

Nick Caldarelli
1 year ago

Wyatt. I really enjoy the content you put out but please take a breath and slow down. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way because you obviously know your stuff and provide really informative videos, but your fast talking makes it a little difficult to relax while listening. Other than that please keep doing what you’re doing because I appreciate the knowledge you’re sharing.

Nick Caldarelli
1 year ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

I have a similar issue with talking too loud when I get a little excited. I appreciate you and everything you contribute Wyatt. I was really hesitant to say anything at all but thought that one little suggestion might make your videos even more enjoyable. Please keep the content coming.

Stan Mitchell
1 year ago

Thanks Wyatt ! Awesome video and tips.

aric falk
1 year ago

Excellent video

roy noblin
1 year ago

out of ozello florida i found they would find deeper water that better suits their want of temperature. early morning was seldom any good but as the sun came up and warmed the bottom they would come out and feed. depending on wind and it’s temperature i would mostly look on sides of islands that blocked the wind and had mud bottom that the sun would warm up as morning progressed.

Richard Hall
1 year ago

Another great video and tip. Many times I have hooked up with a fish and did not know why because of water clarity. This could be why.

Ray prince
1 year ago

What rod are you using?

Michael Mets
1 year ago

Great tips and video Wyatt. I know of two spots here in SC where I fish that have the fish highways through or at the edge of a flat like you’re talking about. I will be out next weekend to check them out.

It seems like a really stealthy approach would be very important in that clear and skinny water. I have a flats boat w/ a poling platform so I will make that my main mode of propulsion to try and sneak up on them.



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