How To Find The Nearshore Depth Highway To Catch Big Fish


During the summer months, BIG fish are within just a couple of miles off of the beach.

I’m talking big tarpon, kingfish, cobia, tuna, and sailfish.

They are following bait school migrations as they head up the beach.

And if you want your chance at catching them, you need to know where the depth highways are and how to find them!

Learn the quickest way to identify these depth contours in this new video.

Check it out!

How To Find The Nearshore Depth Highway [VIDEO]

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You can easily catch big fish in a small boat or kayak off the beach.

Most of the time fish orientate themselves to structure like natural reefs, wrecks, or rocks.

But sometimes you may be fishing an area that does not have any of these things and you’ll want to know what else you can look for to find fish.

How To Find Depth Highways Online

Go to Google and search for GPS nautical charts.

This site should show up first: click here for GPS charts.

Find your area and zoom in to see the water depths.

Try to find is the depth highways looking for different colors and where the depths change.

Find the distance to the depth of water you want to target by using the measuring tool.

Baitfish are going to be close to shore and those big fish are going to cruise in through the depth highways to feed.

Find a combination of baitfish schools and focus on depth changes and highways to find fish!


kingfish nearshore

These pelagics move in shallow and follow temperature breaks and color changes in the depth highways.

Have you found the depth highways in your area?

Let me know down in the comments.

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John S
2 years ago

Where is that tool that shows distance?

2 years ago

Nice video Justin !!! Nice tip

2 years ago

Anybody have trouble loading videos from Salt Strong? I timed it and after clicking this link to play, it took 14 minutes to load and start to play. Thought it was bc of an old phone but with new phone, same problem. Phenomenal info on the videos but frustrating to try to watch. Anybody have tips? Am I the only one?

John S
2 years ago
Reply to  Scott

Never a problem here.

Nick Pavone
2 years ago
Reply to  John S

close other apps on your phone. Make sure you’re on wifi if you’re in a spotty area for cell coverage. The videos are hosted on YouTube so they should be streaming ok. Hope this helps.

Rob S
2 years ago

Good info, Justin. In central Florida, I don’t see many kings or sails caught in your half-mile zone but otherwise you’re spot on. It’s also an area than can hold reef fish (grouper, snapper) when bottom structure can be found.

Joseph Gill
2 years ago

Yet again great FREE information available to us thanks to advise from Salt Strong. Thank You! Bookmarked!

Jeffrey Sweater
2 years ago

I’m in the Venice, FL area of the gulf. The biggest depth changes seem to be going from water that is around 6 to 8 ft to 20 ft in depth. So does that mean the depth highways would be a little closer to shore in a little shallower water than what you showed for Cocoa Beach? Or should I be targeting the area out a little farther (2 to 3 miles out) where there is generally a 5 to 10 ft drop from 25 ft to 30 or 35 ft in fairly short distance? Also, does it matter if you use live bait/mullet or frozen when trolling like this? Thanks for the post!

Jeffrey Sweater
2 years ago
Reply to  Justin Ritchey

Thank you so much for the help Justin! Very much appreciated!

Darrell Howell
2 years ago

Dude… killer info. Once again, thanks for clear and concise info. That was so digestible. I love you guys. (Christian love)

Josh Deschaine
2 years ago
Reply to  Darrell Howell

Haha I loved this comment! Christian love also!

2 years ago

When would you use this strategy on the gulf? Fall? Or summer as well?

Curtis Thompson
2 years ago

I didn’t know that. Fine information. Thanks.


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