Seatrout Fishing Tips

Where, When, & How To Find Big Speckled Trout In Fall

Do you want to know more about trout behavior patterns for the fall? You can set yourself up for success when targeting big trout by...
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Paul Brown Fat Boy vs. Fat Boy Pro (Similarities, Differences & Hacks)

Thinking about getting the Paul Brown Fat Boy Pro? This is an excellent trout lure and in this video, you'll learn about how it's different...
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Top 5 Fishing Lures To Catch Spring Inshore Slams

Want to catch more slams this spring? Then you've got to see these top 5 spring lures! Whether the water is warm or cool, shallow or deep...
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How To Catch Endless 20+ Inch Speckled Trout (Without Live Bait)

Want nonstop action with 20"+ trout? Watch this LIVE fishing trip to see where we were fishing, what lures we were using, and how to pick...
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You’ve Got To See This Amazing Underwater Trout Attack Footage!

Want to know how seatrout really strike lures? This underwater footage shows how they approach and hit lures, and why it's so important to...
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Spring Trout Trip in 20mph Winds [Insider Report]

Believe it or not, you can actually catch a ton of fish on so-called “un-fishable” windy days. You just have to know how to make...
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How To Retrieve Shrimp Lures In Shallow Water (To Catch Tons Of Trout)

Want to catch more fish on shrimp lures this spring? Check this out to see where the trout bite is on fire right now and how you can...
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How To Catch Big Trout On Paddletails With This Simple Lure Hack

Want to catch more (and BIGGER) trout in late winter and early spring? Check out this simple hack to keep your lure in the strike zone longer.
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Using the Smart Fishing Gameplan to Catch a Gator Trout [Insider Report]

Knowing what trends are happening in your area can really be a deciding factor in your success out on the water. Knowing the macro-level trends...
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Where to Look for Speckled Trout on Winter Grass Flats (Laguna Vista, TX – Spot Dissection)

In this Spot Dissection Lesson we will be discussing how to find wintertime feeding zones for Speckled Trout in regions that have large grass flats....
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Using Winter Winds To Find Trout [Insider Report – Tactics, Tips, Map + On the Water Footage]

Winter winds can definitely put a damper on a good day of fishing. Not only is it uncomfortable to be subject to 20-30mph gusts, it...
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How To Fillet A Speckled Trout (Step By Step Tutorial)

Want to learn how to fillet a trout while also removing the skin and bones? See these quick and easy tutorial for delicious trout fillets.
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Winter Wade Fishing For Redfish & Speckled Trout (TX Insider Report)

Want some tips on wade fishing for Speckled Trout and Redfish in the wintertime? Check out this new Insider Report from Corpus Christi, TX!
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How To Catch Trout & Redfish In The Winter (Between Cold Fronts)

Want to catch more trout and redfish between cold fronts? These fish are up in the shallows now, so look for sandy potholes and throw a...
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How To Catch Speckled Trout (In ANY State)

Want to catch more speckled trout? No matter where you fish, all trout want 2 things: to eat and to not be eaten. And if you apply that to...
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