Top 3 Lures For Fishing Coastal Marshes (For Redfish, Trout, & Flounder)


Do you want to know what the best lures are for fishing coastal marshes?

Today, we’ve got Capt. Jud Brock of Eastern Angling telling us about his three favorite lures to throw in the marsh.

You never know where or what the fish will be feeding on, so these lures cover different parts of the water column, and have different action.

Depending on the conditions and how the fish are feeling, you can slow down or speed up your retrieve to entice them to strike.

And by focusing on just these three lures, you can spend less time worrying about which lure to use, and more time looking for feeding fish.

Check out the video below.

Top 3 Lures For Fishing Coastal Marshes

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Capt. Brock recommends using these three lures in coastal marshes:

  • Topwater plug
  • Paddletail on a jig head
  • Z-Man Trout Trick

Let’s get into them a bit more…

Using Topwater Lures In Coastal Marshes

Obviously, topwater lures cover the top of the water column and the surface.

In the spring, he likes to use topwater lures in the early morning on a low tide when the fish are more congregated.

When the weather heats up in the summer, he likes to fish these in the morning or evening during high tide over structure such as oyster bars or grass flats.

This is a great bait to find fish because even if you don’t hook up, if you get some strikes at a topwater, you at least know hungry fish are there.

And if you’re not hooking up with a topwater lure, then try this next lure…

Using Paddletails On A Jig Head In Coastal Marshes

Paddletails on a jig head can be used for both the middle of the water column and on the bottom.

Specifically, Capt. Brock likes the 3/16 oz. Texas Eye jig head with a Z-Man MinnowZ paddletail.

The Z-Man ElaZtech material floats, so when that’s combined with the Texas Eye jig head, it has great action.

Plus, another good thing about the Texas Eye jig head is that the hook and the weighted head are connected by a D-ring.

When you twitch it through the water, the hook and head collide and make a little clicking noise that sounds just like a shrimp.

This lure combo is what Capt. Brock is using for most of his fishing during the spring and summer.

Using The Z-Man Trout Trick In Coastal Marshes

The final lure that Capt. Brock typically uses in the marsh is a Z-Man Trout Trick.

This lure is fished on the bottom where redfish, trout, and flounder will all happily gobble it up.

It has a lot of action and a chartreuse tail that does a great job of catching the attention of fish in the dark waters of coastal marshes.

When throwing this lure, rig it on the lightest possible jig head you can use while still feeling the bottom.

Since this is made of the Z-Man ElaZtech material, it floats and stands up on its head, allowing the bright, wiggly tail to attract fish.


marsh fishing for trout

If you’re fishing coastal marshes this spring and summer, definitely give these three lures a try.

Between the three of them, they cover the entire water column and have different action and elements that attract fish.

Also, by simplifying your tackle and only using these three lures, you can focus more on finding feeding fish.

Capt. Jud Brock (@judbrockfishing) is an experienced guide out of North Carolina and is also the host of the Eastern Current Fishing Podcast.

If you’re in North Carolina and want to book a trip with him, check out his website at

Have any questions about these lures?

Let us know in the comments below!

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Steven Free
3 years ago

Yea I primarily fish the intercoastal and the marshes that are in and around there and like the dark water that is in North Carolina the water here in northeast fl is very similar and my 3 primary lures that I use here is the topwater the spinnerbait with a paddletail and a soft plastic twitch bait like the Alabama leprechaun rigged on a weighted twistlock hook when out in the water I generally use all 3 lures unless in wintertime where I seldom use my topwater or spinnerbait because there retrieve is usually to fast for wintertime where a slow pausing retrieve is best then my 3 in winter would be again the stickbait and the paddletail or gulp swimming mullet and my favorite shrimp imitation the chasebaits flick prawn in jelly color also if in the morning the fish can be seen feeding aggressively on or near the surface but don’t seem to want to hit a topwater I might try a hard subsurface suspending lure like a mirror lure mirror dine thrown where the fish boiled the water and twitched fast letting the plug sink looking like injured baitfish sometimes this generates a strike where the topwater plug didnot????

Harrison Prince
3 years ago

Love the Jud Brock stuff! super relatable to my area. Great Guy!

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago

Glad you enjoyed the video Harrison! We’ll have more coming soon!

Jamie Beadle
3 years ago

Great video Jud – can’t wait to fish with you in a couple weeks!

Wyatt Parcel
3 years ago
Reply to  Jamie Beadle

Glad you enjoyed the video Jamie! Hope you guys have a good trip! Capt. Jud will definitely put you on the fish when you come down!


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