Simple Trick To Help Strengthen Your Leader (The Business End)

How can you prevent losing a fish because your leader gets worn down by a fish’s mouth or teeth?

Should you just use a heavier or wire leader?

The answer is “The Business End” which is a shorter, stronger leader attached to your existing leader for extra support.

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Simple Trick To Help Strengthen Your Leader [VIDEO]

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Equipment Used:

The Business End

An added, shorter end of leader to your line will save your existing leader and keep you from having to constantly re-tie after fighting snook or tarpon.

Leader strength of 20lbs or less is not preferred when targeting snook or tarpon.

These fish have rough mouths and jaws and can easily wear through thinner leader.

Also, your hook placement plays a role because if you hook the fish deeper in its mouth, your line will be rubbing against the jaw more than if it was hooked in its lip.

You can keep your main leader anywhere from 18-24 inches depending on personal preference.

The business end addition to your leader should be no less than 6-8 inches.

A common misconception with this type of rig is that the knot is too close to your lure and it will spook the fish.

Some anglers also feel the different leader sizes are visibly noticeable to a fish.

This is not the case as the lure is still just as effective with the thicker leader line and on top of that you have additional support against the tough mouths of fish.

Do you have any questions or comments about leader lengths and types?

Leave them in the comments section below!

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Gordon Drake
2 years ago

Not sure I understand the value of a heavier “tippet” ….Why not just use a heavier leader, as I do. I see an extra knot as tedious and an extra potential failure point. JMHO

Bill Cook
2 years ago

Hey Tony, great video. Where were you fishing?

Bob Hartwein
2 years ago

Nice goin Tony! A simple fix that works!!

Tyler Reinertsen
2 years ago

40lb has always been my minimum for targeting snook. But the snook I’m fishing for are 90% slot to overslot. I started fishing with a friend a few years ago and he only throws 80lb fluorocarbon. And he always caught as many fish or more. We would throw the same lure/color and I would almost never get more strikes then he would using a lighter leader myself. And the snook would still chaff up 80lb pretty good.

C. Lance Weaver
2 years ago

Good info Tony, I don’t think the fish see the leader at all, most seem to be hitting from behind anyway. Heck of hit there at the Yak to get your heart pumping.

Last edited 2 years ago by C. Lance Weaver
2 years ago

Do you use a loop knot to tie to the lure?

Stan Mitchell
2 years ago

Awesome Tony ! Very nice snook.

Robert O. Berry III
2 years ago

It’s the gill plates that also cut line.

Andrew Hinshaw
2 years ago

How do you get so many monsters to just come up right to the kayak? Ninja like stealth I guess. Great video.

Jay belvin
2 years ago

Very helpful many say don’t do this but you have shown no issues with it.
Proof in catching more snook.


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