How to Tie a Double Uni Knot

By: Luke Simonds on December 6, 2014
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The “Uni Knot” and the “Double Uni Knot” are thought to be among the strongest fishing knot by many anglers.

However, many people do not realize that it needs to be altered when you use it to tie a braid line to fluorocarbon leader due to the large differences in diameter between the two.

Fortunately, the change is extremely easy given that it’s as simple as just doubling over the braid for added strength (hence the double-double uni knot). This video will show you exactly how to tie a double uni knot.

Higher Breaking Strength “Double Uni Knot”

At the end of this video you will see a head to head “knot war” that will reveal which fishing knot is the strongest, including a knot off between a “Double Uni Knot vs a Double-Double Uni Knot”.

And if you have never seen a “Double-Double Uni Knot” then you definitely want to stay tuned.

Note that this video is created for braided line to fluorocarbon leader.

double uni knot

Do You Have An Awesome Fishing Knot?

We are always looking for the strongest fishing knots out there. If you have a fishing knot that you believe is the strongest, let us know by sharing below in the comment section.

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Don’t let the biggest fish of the day get off with your lure/hook!

Check out the post linked below which shows the rankings of the best knots of all time.

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Dan Carballeira

Third try without success…Yikes!

Richard Fiorentino

I can’t find a scissors that work well for braid. What kind of scissors do you use?

Eric Black

Really useful. Great video. Thanks!


Right on!
Thank you Luke!!


Great tutorial. Would you still make this recommendation of using the FG if your base spool of mono were lighter than the braid? Lets say you had a base of 10lb Ande and were adding 20lb braid? I thought I recalled somewhere you should only use the FG going from a lower lb test braid to a higher test mono? Thanks again


Hi Luke,
Instead of spooling up a full real of braid would you recommend the the double Uni to connect 8 or 10 lb mono to braid, lets say 1/2 way up a reel or would you choose an alternate?
Thanks for the knowledge

Richard Fiorentino

Hi Luke – Just a suggestion: maybe putting all the knots in one section, perhaps under ‘ Editors Picks’
Have been going through the vast material yo have compiled – very useful and impressive.

Eric Zamora

Cool. Thanks for making this video. So braid to braid is accomplished by doubling both sides of the braid before tying the knots. When you make a video about tying braid to braid, consider posting a link on this page for people to easily find it from here.

George Salvesen
George Salvesen

Great info and good video. Can the braided line rating be different then the fluorocarbon leader while making this union? ex. 80lb braided tie with single or double uni Knot together with 40 lb fluoro  leader?