All Star Inshore Series Rod Review [Top Pros, Cons and Video]


I’ve been using an All Star Inshore Series spinning rod for about four months now and have been extremely impressed with the rod’s performance.

I have used this rod for all of my inshore fishing trips and it has held up great against each species I’ve targeted.

I wanted to share with you the many pros I’ve found for this rod, as well as a couple cons.

This article will also identify where to find the All Star Inshore Series rod and what to consider before buying it.

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All Star Inshore Series Rod Specs

All Star Inshore Series Rod Trout
All Star Inshore Series rod against a big trout.

These are the specs for my All Star Inshore Series rod. Note: there are many variations of this rod with different lengths, strengths and action.

  • Length: 7’6″
  • Rod Material: Graphite
  • Rod Handle: Cork
  • Action: Medium-fast
  • Power: Medium
  • Price: $99.99
  • Guides: 7+tip

Pros of the All Star Inshore Series Rod

Simply put, this has been a great rod for me. The pros have severely outweighed the cons and I am very glad that I own this rod.

Pros All Star Inshore Series rod
The pros of the All Star Inshore Series rod.

Some of the pros to the All Star Inshore Series rod that I’ve found include:

  1. Casts Well – This rod is deadly accurate and has given my casting game a boost. It allows me to reach the spots I want to with ease and has added distance to my cast as well.
  2. Strong and Sturdy – The rod has held up impressively against bigger fish. It is strong when fighting a fish and gives me the ability to put a lot of pressure on them, especially when I am trying to keep them out of structure like docks and mangroves.
  3. Lightweight – This rod is extremely lightweight for how strong it is. Due to its’ weight, it is a great rod to use for artificial lures as it allows you to cast over and over without tiring you out as quickly.
  4. Holds Up Against Corrosion – Since owning this rod, I have not had any issues with saltwater corrosion at all. Many parts of the rod are made of materials that are resistant to saltwater corrosion, which makes the rod last longer over time.
  5. Great Value – This rod is $99.99 at Academy Outdoors, a great value for a rod of this quality.

Cons of the All Star Inshore Series Rod

There are really are not many drawbacks I’ve had with the rod, but I have noticed a few.

Cons All Star Inshore Series Rod
The cons to the All Star Inshore Series rod.

These are the cons I’ve found with the All Star Rod Inshore Series:

  1. Hard to Find – These rods are not widely available and can only be found at Academy Sports & Outdoors. Even when you try to order the rods from the All Star website, it directs you back to the Academy website.
  2. Confusing Label – The rod I have is the “Croaker Special” according to the label on it. Some of the labels are confusing because they make it seem like the rod won’t hold up against bigger predator species. If you ignore the labels on these rods, you won’t have a problem targeting any inshore species on it.
  3. One Piece Rod – The rod is a one-piece rod. While there are many benefits to having a one-piece rod, they can be difficult to transport and may not always travel well in some situations.

Note: We’d love to hear your thoughts on your All Star Inshore Series rods, so please leave a comment down below to share your experiences with these rods.

All Star Inshore Series Rod Review Video

This video shows you my full review of the All Star Inshore Series rod and what I think you should know before purchasing one.

Check out my full review here:

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I highly recommend this rod to anyone looking for a great inshore fishing rod at a great value.

This is a lightweight, sturdy rod that helps you feel the water better and cast farther. It is perfect for flats fishing and for fishing around structure inshore. The rod is also a high-quality rod that will hold up well against the elements.

If you’ve used the All Star Inshore Series rod, let us know what you think of it by commenting below.

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Mark hudler
3 years ago

Where can i get asis905 rod

Jason Dodd
3 years ago

I’m thinking about purchasing one of these rods. I have a question though. If you had it to do again would you go with the ML Fast instaed of the M Fast? I have always like MH action rods, but for a long time I was live bait fishing with mullet and other large bait. Now that I am mosly throwing artificials I’ve been working on replacing my older rods with lighter action rods. I’m also looking forward to trying a longer rod as I’m use to fishing with shorter ones.

4 years ago

Have found the All Star series rods to be a joy to use. The one con I’ve come across is that they don’t hold up well to ice chests being thrown on top of them by dipstick friends.

Chad Case
5 years ago

They are on clearance right now at Academy stores in San Antonio at least. I picked up 2 spinning rods today (1 medium, fast action & 1 light, fast action) for $55 each. They retail for $99. They do not appear to be discounted on line. I was told that Feb 14th all clearance rods wil be half price which I’m hoping means I’ll pick up a couple more for $22-23 each. Pairing them with Nasci 2500s. Perfectly balanced, light weight setup.

Richard Huryn
5 years ago

You guys must be newbies to fishing with all star rods I’ve been using them since the early 8 and they have been fantastic since then but I’ve only used then for fresh water bass fishing

michael johnson
5 years ago

Tony , thanks for reviewing my favorite rod. I’ve been using all star rods for the last 20 years or so. Still using them. The only other rod I have is an American rod smith 8 ft. I use my Calcutta on it. Done a lot of wade fishing with these rods.

Jimmie Hellekson
5 years ago

I have 2 All Star Titanium Spinning Rods that are 6’9″ in length. Line wt 8-15 lb, Lure wt 1/16 – 1 oz. I lived in Corpus Christi, TX when I purchased these rods in 2005. Both are outfitted with Shimano Sustain 2500 reels with 15# Power Pro Braid. I have caught hundreds of Specks (trout), flounder and Reds as well as freshwater large mouth bass on them. These were my go to wadefishing rods in the Laguna Madre. I haven’t had one negative issue with these rods in 13 years. They used to be made in Houston, TX and were a very popular Texas fishing rod. I used them mainly for throwing tails & Corky’s and a baitcaster for throwing hard baits while wade fishing. My newer rods
are St.Croix Green Avid andthe new Legend Tournament Inshore blue rods.

Just another RiverDawg, never on the porch!

Richard Fiorentino
5 years ago

Tony – thanks for review. How do you compare it to the Calico you used to use and the TFO rods? Also, is the butt longer than the TFO as I like the shorter butts. If I could find the Allstar in a store I wouldn’t be asking all these questions. Thanks

Bobby Anderson
5 years ago

I have been using Allstar Inshore rods for over a year now. Great rods. Thanks for the reveiw.

Dave Otte
5 years ago

Tony, I went to Academy and checked out this rod. It was very light and I liked it a lot. Since the extra eye is 1 more place that produces friction, have you noticed any decrease in your casting with this rod? Waiting for your reply before I pull the trigger!

Dave Otte
4 years ago
Reply to  Tony Acevedo

Tony, I’ve had this rod for over a year and I’ve caught a lot of fish on it. I really dislike the handle. It is ‘cork tape’ on a plastic handle and the tape is gradually wearing out. It’s a bit ‘stiffer’ than my tfo professional series. It’s a great rod but I give the nod to my tfo professional series 764-1 because of the handle and it’s a bit ‘lighter’ for the speckled trout that I primarily target. To me, the tfo just feels a bit better, but I will still be using the All Star rod.


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