Edge Spinning Rod Review [Top Pros & Cons]


Edge Spinning Rod Review

After seeing these Edge rodes at ICAST last year, I was determined to add one to my arsenal because it looked and felt so nice.

So I finally got one and have had a chance to get out on the water to see how it compares to the other rods that I’ve used and tested (see other fishing rod reviews).

This post describes the top pros and cons I have found for the Edge rod that I have been testing out for the past couple months.

Edge Spinning Rod Review Video

We’ll start off with this video explaining the top pros and cons of this high-quality rod from Edge.

Just click on the box below to watch the new rod review video:

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Edge Rod Review: Pros

Here are the top pros that I have noticed so far after using my Edge rod on multiple trips targeting redfish, snook, and seatrout:

  1. Extremely Good Feel – Everything about these rods are focused on a high-performance feel
  2. Very lightweight – Gary stripped these rods of all unnecessary weight, so they are very light relative to other rods with similar power
  3. Easy Hookset Response – Given the fast action and strong lightweight rod blank, the hookset ratio with this rod has been very high even when using big soft plastic lures that are rigged weedless
  4. Made in the USA – It is always nice to see Made in the USA on our fishing products

Note: We’d love to hear your thoughts on your Edge rod, so please leave a Comment down below to share your experiences with these rods.

Edge Rod Review: Cons

Here are the top cons of the Edge rods that I have noticed so far:

  1. Price – These rods are typically priced in the high $300s to high $400s depending on the exact model chosen
  2. Power Rating Scale – The power rating on these rods is different than many others making it tough for angler who typically have their power preference and stick with it
    • If you generally prefer MH rods, then you’ll probably prefer the Medium power level from Edge best
  3. Tough To Find – These rods are difficult to find in local retailers because they are a relatively new company (the only place I’ve been able to find them is Southeastern Tackle here in Tampa)

Note: We’d love to hear your thoughts on your Edge rod, so please leave a Comment down below to share your experiences with these rods.

Edge Spinning Rod Specs

There are many options to choose from in the Edge line of rods (see their Inshore options here).

Here are the specs on the model that I have:

  • Model #: MBR 735-1
  • Action: Fast
  • Power: Medium Heavy
  • Length: 7ft 3in
  • Line Strength: 14-20 lb
  • Lure Weight: 1/4 – 3/4 oz


For those of us who enjoy fishing with premium fishing rods, these Edge rods are definitely worth a close look given how responsive these rods are.

All of the components in this rod are all focused on enabling maximized feel of everything that is going on the business end of the line.

The only two cons that I could think of were:

  • The high price that these premium rods sell for in stores.
  • Their power ratings are undervalued relative to most other rods making cross-brand comparisons more difficult.

If you have used any of the Edge rods, please let us know your thoughts about these rods in the Comment section below.

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John Kalinowski
1 year ago

i now have 5 edge rods and love them. i have never waited more than a week for a rod and the only thing they have messed up was a shirt i ordered. xl instead of 2xl…i feel like there rating for action and weight are in line with other Oregon and Washington manufacturers specs (Lamiglas, g Loomis and Rogue)… maybe its a west coast thing. i have actions and weights ranging from UL Slow (kokanee) to med heavy Fast (Steelhead) and all seem right on to me. price wise edge are cheaper than USA made g loomis and Lamiglas.

1 year ago

i have a medium power edge spinning rod and really like it. Its very light, sensitive and has a good backbone. Here are my thoughts of the company. Their prices are good since they sell direct. When ordering a rod, first call and make sure they have the rod you want in stock, that eliminates the long waits. I got mine in a week. As far as the reviewer says on the power ratings it is true mine is a little stiffer than most medium power rods but that is what a wanted. You cant just look at the power rating also look at the recommended line ratings.

Last edited 1 year ago by Stan
1 year ago

I own 5 edge rods, from salmon, to walleye, to their pelegics rods. Great performing rods. They make small batch orders and if yours is last in queue then it can take a couple months. I usually always get the rods I ordered and they always answer my calls. Great company to deal with and great products.

1 year ago

Last one😂 Graphite handles, cork and cheap Eva rubber are insulaters, graphite is a conductor. It’s like a train hit your line👍🏼 I’m in Oklahoma, not affiliated, just have used loomis and some good rods. If Gary built it it’s the best. If you build, his blank company is North Fork Composites , Woodland Washington.

1 year ago

Three to five weeks for order, I ordered all winter! Big thing too, when covid hit everyone that was waiting on Megabass and others, waited longer then me😂 USA components and materials didn’t have to come from China and overseas 👍🏼 They are caught up on some models, and stock a few. Get the net😜

1 year ago

Very true hard to find. Only available by order from Edge rods! Best rod I’ve ever owned, I’ve owned Loomis through out the 80s, and 99s . I wanted to add some rods, but Gary sold to Shimano because of cancer. I bought Megabass instead. The Megabass are nice and feel good as far as sensitivity . Gary beat the cancer, reopened in Woodland and made Edge. Found them, and all the Megabass are gone, I sold them! It’s true the are a heavy action than implied. Titanium nickel guides and zirconium inserts! Lifetime warranty! The Godfather of graphite rods! The best!

2 years ago

the rods are great. but the negative comments are true. The manager called me to offer me a free rod because he knew they did me wrong, but the rod never came

2 years ago

What the author said is true. I read tons of complaints that customers have and couldn’t reach Edge customer service regarding their orders. I bought mine from Motackle Australia. Since I am here, I would like to share with you guys that I own the Black Widow Spinning rod DSR6100 and the Silver Widow SJR 723; both at 4-10lb. Despite whatever you guys read, I honestly tell u that the Black Widow is far more superior in feel and it feels so much better to work with.

2 years ago

I’m interested in buying one of these Edege surf rod for stripers.
Do you know what are the weight on these rods? The actual weight it died not castOmg weight.
Thank you and have a great day.

2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

I own one of the surf rods. I bought the 1164 spin model which is a ML 1/2 oz-3 oz. Don’t know what the actual weight of the rod is (I never put it on a scale to weigh it), but even if it’s an 11′ 6″ rod, it does feel lighter than my 11′ St Croix avid surf MH rod. I do like it a lot more. I wish they had more options on surf rods. I’m looking for a more moderate or slow action rod to add to my lineup. BTW, it took about 2 weeks for me to receive my rod.

Carlos Vargas
2 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

The only cons i find when i bought mine was the waiting time. The rod came safe, they use thick cardboard tube that is fantastic in my case i live in Colombia, South america and the rod travelled many miles without any issue. I compare the First strike model i purchased with my St croix and G loomis, and this is lighter and feels and performs very nice.

2 years ago

I bought one because of the G Lommis name. After fishing it on a 3 day trip I bought 2 more for different bass techniques, They go with a TFO and a G Lommis I use for bass. I also ended up with 3 Spinning Rods. They’re great.

I don’t agree with some of the negative posts, true some of the rods took awhile to get here but no complaints with the product and Steve from Edge called me to question the order and help me make the right choice. My brother is a Kistler fan and we used to argue about the Lommis and Kistler now we know we both love the blanks and both fish mainly Lommis products. Order direct from Edge for the best deals and friend them on Facebook for the specials.

Carlos Vargas
2 years ago
Reply to  Mark

Hi Mark, thanks for your comments. How long did you wait for the rod to arrive?

Carlos Vargas
2 years ago
Reply to  Carlos Vargas

I had to wait about 6 Weeks for my rod to arrive. The wait is worth. The rod is very lightweight and cast a mile. The rod looks killer with the braid carbon fiber hande. I am very pleased. The reel seat is a kind of extrange but once the metal ring is adjusted, the reel feels secure and tight. I definitively recommend this product.


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