How To Make Your Fishing Rod Last 4 Times Longer (And What Mistakes To Avoid)

How can you extend the life of your fishing rod?

Are there ways you can better take care of fishing rods?

You have to be careful with where you store your fishing rods!

A fishing rod is an angler’s most important tool!

How and where you store your rod is important to increase the longevity of its use as well as to keep it whole and intact so it won’t break when you go to set a hook on a fish.

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How To Make Your Fishing Rod Last 4 Times Longer [VIDEO]

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How To Make Your Fishing Rod Last 4 Times Longer [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:36 – Rod storage
  • 2:24 – Materials that make up a fishing rod
  • 4:15 – Things that can hurt a fishing rod
  • 4:44 – Epoxy
  • 5:14 – Reel seats
  • 6:05 – Basic rod maintenance
  • 6:30 – Keep your rods inside (NOT in a garage!)
  • 8:32 – Effects of temperature and humidity change
  • 9:05 – Rod racks and storage options
  • 10:06 – Why you shouldn’t lean your rods on anything
  • 11:57 – Rod rack is the way to go
  • 13:06 – Hanging your rods on the wall
  • 14:11 – Keep them indoors and keep them straight
  • 14:31 – Rod tip guide
  • 15:49 – Fishing Guide exception
  • 17:01 – Rod transportation
  • 17:35 – Worst transportation mistake
  • 19:03 – Consequences of securing your jig or lure to one of the rod guides
  • 21:08 – Carolina rig mistakes
  • 23:42 – Effect of humidity
  • 25:00 – Rod cleaning process
  • 26:45 – Importance of removing the reel
  • 28:31 – Importance of drying the rod
  • 31:34 – Rod cleaning process can become part of your cleanup routine
  • 32:38 – Right way to fight a fish (No high-sticking)
  • 33:18 – 90-degree rule
  • 34:41 – Fiberglass rods
  • 34:57 – Pressure points on the rod when fighting a fish
  • 36:08 – Proper rod tip positioning when fighting fish
  • 37:09 – Fill in the blanks
  • 37:57 – It is a fishing ROD and NOT a pole
  • 39:37 – Members Only Custom Mudhole Inshore Rod


Fishing gear is an investment and when you have a lot of money put into your tackle and gear, it has to be taken care of with proper procedure and responsibility.

Rods are your most important piece of equipment as an angler because that is how you cast out your lures and bait and then how you fight and handle a fish as you reel it in.

Be sure to listen to these warnings and tips to prevent any damage or harm to your fishing rods!

What is your preferred method of cleaning or storing your fishing rods?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Steven Free
7 months ago

I kind of disagree on your attitude that the rod is more important and should be more expensive then the reel ALL your equipment to me is important you can have the best rod in the world and pay big bucks for it but it’s only going to do the job if the reels drag is set right or if the reel has been maintained and cleaned and flushed otherwise that expensive rod is useless like a car or other man made machinery they all work in sinc with each other and to me if one is lacking in quality or the care to make it last then the other is no longer any better kind of like the old saying a chain is only as strong as its weakest link think about it and while I don’t remove the reel from the rod for long term storage or keep my rods in the house but in my boat instead I do clean them thourally after every use and check for guide cracks and don’t abuse them by storing them with a bend in them or in an area where they could break my rods always last longer then only a few years on average my rods at least a few are going on about 15 years now and the others that are newer are only upgrades and not replacements because of breakage caused by neglect or misuse so I must be doing something right😉👍

Bob Alger
7 months ago

You guys had too much fun making this video! By the way, how much KY jelly should I use on my rod?

7 months ago

I store my rods on a diy rod rack on my above garage slanted bonus room ceiling. The biggest mistake I have made is attempting to carry too many rods up and down the stairs navigating turns, doorways and getting them to my truck without banging and having hang ups. I’ve learned to carry no more than two rods at a time.
Great info as always. Thanks.

7 months ago


7 months ago

No lie….i have teramar’s i’ve owened for over 10 years. Corks are still nice and have only had to replade one eyelet and do very minor epoxy repairs around the eyelets on one of em. I sealed the corks with U-40 after cleaning with dry eraser clean session and it works and looks just about like new. Rod rack and mostly kept indoors and treat them with respect when fishing and traveling and it will last literally 10 times longer.

7 months ago

Great stuff – You guys cracked me up!!! Great discussion

Nick George
7 months ago

Gainesville?! Are you guys UF alumni? Go Gators!!!

Kyle Krupa
7 months ago

I told star to come out with the VPR in a casting split grip series. Still waiting!

Justin Ritchey
7 months ago
Reply to  Kyle Krupa

Yep! I’ve heard that one a few times. Their ballpark to come out with a “New Sku or Size” is needing to justify a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) of 200qty Units. If they can meet that type of demand amongst all of their Customers in 1 Years Time, they move forward with New Products. I remember I had a Tackle Shop that I used to work with that wanted the VPR in a Conventional Surf Casting Rod (say 12′ or even 13′). That would easily make it a $400 Retail Product, and it’s definitely a niche build. The Tackle Shop committed to 40% of the requirement and owned up to buying a large chunk of that item as a Custom Build, but sadly that never came to fruition because the demand outside that one shop simply wasn’t there.

I think they really could make a competitive casting rod, especially one to compete with the likes of say Waterloo over in Texas, if they would bite the bullet!

James Waugh
7 months ago

Another thing to consider when folks store their rods in garages and shops are fumes. Gasoline fumes are horrible for degrading things. A long time ago I found that it is not a good thing to store a K12 saw in the same compartment on a fire truck as you store the fuel because the fumes will breakdown the cutting wheels on the saw. I imagine the same would apply to Epoxy, cork, and foam handles. Just something to consider.

7 months ago
Reply to  James Waugh

It definitely does. It affects glue, epoxy, grips and in severe cases the rod material itself. My wife luckily is understanding and I have a custom cabinet and storage being built as a gift for storing rods, reels and tackle bags, everything inside out of humidity and temp swings last longer including and especially plastics.

Paul Katen
7 months ago

A good way to protect the rod from the sinker on a Carolina Rig is to take a rubber band and wrap the sinker tight to the rod.


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