#1 Beach Fishing Lure That Will Catch Any Species From The Surf

THIS is hands down the #1 Beach Fishing Lure!!

No matter the species or weather conditions, this lure will trigger strikes and hook into hungry predatory fish.

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#1 Beach Fishing Lure [VIDEO]

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The easiest and most effective lure to catch more fish off the beach is a simple spoon or metal diamond jig.

Diamond jigs or spoons are one of the best lures to throw from the beach because of how well it casts and how well it effectively targets multiple species.

The weight of a metal spoon or jig cuts through the wind with ease and casts far off the sand.

Anytime you are retrieving metal lures off the beach, you want to speed up your retrieve to a super-fast constant rate.

You want to get the fish fired up and ignite a chase for your lure.

Most of the time, the fish will come from behind and strike the lure.

This is also the reason why the hooks for spoons or metal diamond jigs are commonly near the rear of the lure.

These fish are schooling up and moving at high rates of speed as it is.

So a shiny diamond jig or spoon zipping through the water will no doubt pique their interest.

If you are struggling to hook up or trigger any bites, you can mix things up and try different retrieves.

But for the most part, a super quick retrieve is best.

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A sure-fire way to catch fish from the beach is a simple metal spoon or diamond jig.

Any species that see your shiny lure skimming across the surface will have no choice but to strike!

The Beach Fishing Mastery Course has it all and truly encapsulates everything you’ll ever need to know to sharpen your beach fishing skills.

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Julius Johnson
10 days ago

Great info. I want to try it out but I’m up in Va and do my beach fishing on the outer banks. I’m sure your video is in FL, ocean or gulf? Do you have any info on whether this tactic would work off the beach further north on the outer banks?

A Rollins
9 months ago

Thanks but no thanks, I’ll stick to my proven go-to baits poxy jigs, and deadly dicks 1/2 ounce to 3 ounces for bonito and bonita while surf fishing.

Steven Rackas
10 months ago

I’m excited to see the course! I purchased a surf cast rod (used) and have a couple of questions:

1- What size braid and what brand do you use?
2-What size leader and what brand do you use?
3- What type of knot do you use to connect the two and do you use any type of swivel and if so which kind?

Jason Lilley
10 months ago

Hell yeah! You laughing had me laughing at my desk man. Have done a ton of beach/surf fishing back in San Diego but I think I love it more here in Florida now that this is home. I’ve yet to use the diamond jigs here and just ordered a few and look forward to the beach again soon. Much thanks for the vid.

Joel Panian
10 months ago

(Drools in anticipation of full course)

Great info Wyatt and BBB! Do either of you have thoughts on replacing the treble hooks on those spoons with single inlines like on suspending hardbaits?

Randy Edwards, Ph.D. (Marine Science)
10 months ago

OK, I just checked myself…the $14.95 is for TWO jigs…still 1-1/2 times as expensive, but maybe for free Amazon shipping for Amazon Members, it might not be that aweful.

At least I check myself and admit it when I am even partially wrong……….

Rob S
10 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Fire, aim, ready. No rest for the weary, Wyatt. Looking forward to your Beach Fishing Mastery Course!

Randy Edwards, Ph.D. (Marine Science)
10 months ago

Please explain why your article directs one to Amazon where the jig is priced at $14.95, whereas it can be bought at Walmart for $4.95. Are you getting some sort of big kickback on those at Amazon.

Unless you have a good explanation, it is a very black mark on SaltStrong’s reputation. I am sure that others will find this out too, so best you explain.

Justin Ritchey
9 months ago

Please do not jump to conclusions like this, Randy. It would be much more appropriate to “Ask” instead of “Assuming”.

Salt Strong’s goal is to help teach anglers how to Find & Catch more fish. Plain and simple. If a product is recommended, it is done so with the Angler in mind.

Please do not immediately jump to accusations like this. We love our Members and the Fishing Community, and we are doing our best to help improve everyone’s opportunity at success on the water.

As the phrase goes “Be Curious, Not Judgmental.”

Edit: I see that you learned more about the Pricing & Product Information on that Amazon Link that Wyatt provided in a comment above. Thank you for being understanding. I am working towards adding this product to our Store so that more anglers can enjoy this lure in their future beach endeavors. Let me know if you have any questions personally about this lure and I’ll be happy to assist.

Last edited 9 months ago by Justin Ritchey
Steve Dupree
10 months ago

What rod and reel is that? I recognize the Slammer. Also what line and leader? That is amazing!

James Lowe
10 months ago
Reply to  Steve Dupree

Matthew will have to provide information about the line and leader, but the rod looks to be the Ninja Tackle (www.ninjatackleva.com) Bama Beach Bum Special Edition Bummy Stick.

Steve Dupree
10 months ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

It looks like a good rod. I guess the Slammer is the 4500.


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