Quick Trick To Catch More Snook Using Paddletails

Have you ever seen snook swimming in the water and crushing bait but won’t touch your paddletail lure?

It might have something to do with your presentation of the lure.

Check out how to make a slight alteration to your presentation that will get the fish to bite!!

How To Catch More Snook Using Paddletails [VIDEO]

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While fishing, you may come across snook that are chasing bait pods and busting up through the surface inhaling bait.

If throwing a paddletail (like the Slam Shady 2.0) doesn’t get them to bite, you can switch things up a bit.

You can cut the tail off of your paddletail to change the action and presentation to match the bait the snook are feeding on.

This will create an entirely different profile and different action on the lure.

Presentation and profile of the lure are extremely important when baitfish are balled up and predators are feeding on them.

You need to create a darting action to get their attention!

This is because the snook are dialed in on smaller baits and a specific action to what they are feeding on.

You are going to have to replicate that with the lure you are throwing.


Removing the tail from your paddletail will give the lure a smaller profile that mimics the bait pods snook are feeding on.

And it also presents a different action than a standard paddletail.

The paddletail with the tail on will kick and mostly swim in a straight motion.

Without the tail, the lure moves in a darting and erratic motion while decreasing the size of the lure a bit.

Try this out next time you are fishing for snook feeding on large schools of bait!

Have you done this before and did it work for you?

Let me know if the comments below!

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Jonathan Fortune
7 days ago

Great information Tony. I had a great day on the bomber but I lost several tails. Can I still use the bomber without a tail? I should have tried but kept putting new ones on til I ran out! Thanks

Thomas Manley
7 days ago

Hi Tony, since the start of September or the last of August, The members have been hearing to use bigger lures such as the Bomber. I know in this case, you are suggesting to downsize by removing the tail of the the 2.0. I guess when you have a problem getting the fish dialed in on a size bait, then this could be a recommended action since bigger baits did not work well. Thanks for keeping us thinking that bigger baits still may not be the answer for the fall months.

Keith Beaulieu
7 days ago

Thanks for tip, will try next time out if situation presents

Michael Mathis
6 days ago

Excellent post! Could have used that recently when fishing a bridge with a lot of snook chasing small mullet on the other side of the bridge of course. Was constant action. Used a 2.0 slam shady with no hits at all. Tried Alabama leprechaun with no hits. The tail less shady would have probably worked.

Matthew Lanier
5 days ago

Great stuff as always, Tony! Nice Snook!

Rick D - SS member
4 days ago

Nice tip Tony. I see that you were casting over the path of your fellow anglers! 😊


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