How To Use A Paddletail Like A Pro (And Catch More Fish)


Paddletails are some of the best search baits around.

You can cast them far and retrieve them quickly, which helps you cover lots of ground and find where the feeding fish are.

And in this video, you’ll learn how to catch more fish with these lures, including how to rig and retrieve them.

Check it out below!

Paddletail Tips [VIDEO]

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You can cover a lot of ground with a paddletail.

In fact, you can make 3 to 4 casts with full retrieves in the time it takes to cast and retrieve a jerk shad properly.

With a paddletail, you’re able to feel out more areas in less time to find fish.

If you don’t find any fish, then you can quickly move on to another zone and start fan casting your lure.

This is called power fishing!

The Paddletail In Action

If you’ve seen our underwater footage, you’ll know that sometimes a constant retrieve with a paddletail is not the right technique.

But that’s okay because you can switch it up by incorporating short pauses and twitches.

Since most of the predator fish you’re targeting like to ambush their prey, you’ll get a lot of strikes on the drop just after a pause.

Paddletail Rigging

Depth control is very important when using a paddletail.

You want your lure to sit just a couple of inches from the bottom where the predator fish are holding.

Here are my go-to rigs depending on depths:

Very Shallow Water (2 ft or less)

Shallow Water (2 – 3 ft)

Deeper Water


fish caught on slam shady

Don’t forget that fishing is a numbers game.

The more area you cover and the more casts you make will ultimately increase your chances of catching more fish.

Our Slam Shady paddletails have been catching a ton of different species and in numbers!

Have you been using a paddletail more to cover ground?

Let me know down in the comments!

And if you know someone who loves to use paddletails, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Michael Compton
2 years ago

Wyatt, we miss you in NC! Lol! I noticed that you were using a drone for this video. Do you know if it is legal for me to use one in North Carolina?

Al Schellhorn
2 years ago

Tried the Sam Shady this past week for the first time. Had another angler in the boat (my daughter!) and had her fishing a popping cork and Gulp shrimp. The Sam Shady outperformed the Gulp hands down for trout. Next day, in a different location, it outperformed again and I caught a very nice king mackeral with it. I’m sold. It works. You are so correct on the depth control. When I had it nearer the bottom, my results improved. I went with 1/16 oz jigheads, but needed something heavier in 4′ of water as you suggested. Great tips. Thank you.

Brad Ewing
2 years ago

Great video. Love the edits and animated parts, too. Keep up the great work, Wyatt.

Randal Anderson
2 years ago

Just wanted to know what kind of boat you are fishing from, looks like some kind of skiff.

Roger Hansen
2 years ago

Great video! Awesome shots from above with you inserted. But I have question – about a month ago I was down in the Bradenton area. I rented a pedal kayak to see if I liked it. (It was Awesome – I immediately order one) And of course I had my rod along baited up with the Slam Shady 2.0. My wife and I went up a stream off the bay. I would stop and cast to points and of course the 3 Bs (boils, birds and bubbles) without much luck. But my wife would keep paddling and I couldn’t keep up with her. So I just casted the SS2.0 behind my kayak and trolled. In the next hour I hooked into 3 snook, a bunch of lady fish, and one monster (black drum???) that got off the hook near the kayak. So my point is, I hardly ever hear you guys (Luke, Tony, Austin, Joe, or you) talk about trolling from a kayak with a paddletail. It was VERY productive for me that day and would seem to be great way to locate productive areas. What’s your thoughts?

2 years ago

Wyatt, I can attest to the search bait and amount of water it covers. So far this spring on a 3” Slam Shaddy (version 1), 1/8 oz jig, inshore slam several times but also a tarpon, while catching trout, over a hundred pounds. Ran him down in open water and he actually hit the boat on last jump.
Fort Myers

John Long
2 years ago

Great tips Wyatt. Awesome footage. I really like that you covered the water column with suggested jigs’ / hooks’ weights. Thank you!

Al Schellhorn
2 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

I can personally attest to that, Wyatt. Correct depth is key and your video was very helpful for matching depths and jig weights.

2 years ago

Great Info Wyatt! Awesome video!!

Angelo Durso
2 years ago

Thanks Wyatt, I am only recently getting comfortable with artificials and found this very helpful. Yes, I’ve been using the paddletail to cover a lot of ground and have been very pleased with this functionality. It’s caught me a lot of fish so far this season.

Rex Russo
2 years ago

Wyatt – dude – you did an awesome job with this recap!


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