This Is The #1 Spot To Find Redfish During The Summer


Catching redfish during the dog days of summer can be difficult but it’s not impossible!

You just have to know where to find them.

So in this video, you’ll learn the #1 spot to find redfish, when they’ll be there, and why it’s important to understand redfish biology.

Check out the video below!

#1 Redfish Spot For Summertime [VIDEO]

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You can have really great days on the water during summer if you know where to look for redfish.

And having a grasp on redfish biology and why they need to be in certain spots will give you a huge advantage!

So I’ve made a checklist for summer redfish spots and things to look for when you are scouting these areas.

Best Spots To Find Redfish During Summer

Spot Feature #1

Find areas with higher levels of DO2 (dissolved oxygen).

Fish need this to function like we need oxygen to breathe!

Try finding cooler water or other factors that will allow for more concentrated levels of DO2.

Moving water or current flow, areas with seagrass or lighter bottoms, and spots that are closer to inlets and passes will all have higher levels of DO2.

Spot Feature #2

Areas that have both shallow and deep water hunting opportunities will hold redfish.

Redfish are going to move in between these two spots depending on the time of day and the temperatures outside.

They are cold-blooded so they have to feed in certain areas based on external temperatures.

Their bodies can’t handle certain temperatures so they move to find deeper water if necessary.

An example of an area like this is oyster bars on the edge of a flat.

Redfish can feed on the shallow side when it’s cooler outside (like in the morning or late evening hours) and can feed on the deeper side of the oyster bar when it gets hotter outside.

Spot Feature #3

Find the conveyor belt of food.

Redfish will be more lethargic in the summer months and will want to be posted up where bait is coming to them.

They’ll localize in spots like entry and exit points on mud flats or grass flats with current moving bait in their direction.


wyatt redfish

Want to find the #1 spot to consistently catch redfish during the hottest months of summer?

Use the spot checklist:

  1. Find concentrated DO2
  2. Areas with shallow and deep water opportunities
  3. Locate a bait conveyor belt

And don’t lock yourself into one particular type of spot until you find the fish!

Have any questions about the checklist for redfish spots?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who wants to target redfish this summer, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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2 years ago

Great information Wyatt. Thanks for breaking it down

2 years ago

Hello Wyatt great tutorials,
Dumb question.
I m trying to get the historical imagery on google maps to no success what am I doing wrong?

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Jose

I highly recommend going through out Finding Spots Mastery course because you’ll see exactly how to use all of the mapping platforms so that you can get the best images (past and present) for whichever areas you’re looking into. That course comes free with the Insider Club platform… details linked here:

Luke Simonds
2 years ago
Reply to  Jose

For just historical views, you’ll need to download Google Earth Pro (different platform than regular web-based Google maps).

Gary Hartge
2 years ago

Nice tutorial Wyatt! My supposition is that in your first satellite images you are talking about an area with decent tidal flow. Visibly moving water. What about areas, such as Flagler Beach, where the tide may change half a foot so there is very little water movement. The tide movement is there, but not in significant volume. More like a slow clogged drain. Would this change your tactics and location? Thanks!

Gary Hartge
2 years ago
Reply to  Wyatt Parcel

Thanks Wyatt! I also posted the question in the Inner Circle. (I may actually get to listen today and wasn’t sure if you would get to this). Your first image though more resembles the area here in Flagler and is why it struck me. The grass flat looked like clear water and a channel so it wasn’t “like here”. Here the channel is 12-14 feet deep (and narrow) that quickly moves to 2-3 feet to 1 foot, several yards before the backwater begins which varies between 6″ to 2 feet. Anyway, great tutorial. We will see what I can put to use this weekend! Thanks

frank marinucci
2 years ago

Wyatt, As usual, great tutorial…. I’ve just moved to a new location and starting to look for good fishing spots. What satellite app would you recommend?….Google Earth??

Mark Wilcox
2 years ago

Is it just me or are the subtitles all messed up lol I watch from work so can’t play with sound usually

Robert Ciminieri
2 years ago

Wyatt i am on Blackwater river in Milton Florida. The Blackwater and Yellow river provides cooling to Blackwater and East bay but i know it also provides a salinity factor. This has been my biggest challenge. Any help on this issue?

Matthew Lanier
2 years ago

Awesome video Wyatt! Great explanation as always, buddy!

Willie Dickerson
2 years ago

Great points Wyatt. We used this same game plan last Saturday and it worked well. I totally agree you will several spots within a location some you can move as the day heats up either to find or to follow the fish.

Bobby Ciminieri
2 years ago

Any help on what salinity levels can play. I am an Blackwater river in Milton Florida. Blackwater and yellow river presents a great cooling opportunity but salinity is the topic i need to deal with

John Long
2 years ago

Wyatt, my man, you conveyed very concise and easy to understand tips. Who wouldn’t want fishing coaches and reports like we get in the Salt Strong community? If folks getting this content for free on YouTube don’t subscribe, I don’t know what else it will take to convince them; other than joining the community of course!


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