How To Retrieve A Popping Cork For Best Results


Is there a special trick or method to retrieve a popping cork?

How do you create the ultimate “pop” to trigger strikes?

Find out below!!

How To Retrieve A Popping Cork [VIDEO]

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The key to retrieving a popping cork correctly is creating the ultimate “POP” each time.

Firstly, you need to make sure you have enough slack in your line to make a quality pop.

If there’s too much tension in the line, the cork will just slide in the water and not create the sharp pop you want.

Kayak Retrieve

The first technique is if you were sitting down in a kayak or fishing where you can’t get the rod tip all the way down.

Simply leave some slack in the line and all you have to do is perform a quick and sharp pop with the tip of the rod.

You want to create a quick sharp pop to mimic the sound of fish crashing on bait.

The number of pops in between reels is up to you and up to what the fish are interested in on that given day.

For fishing in heavy current, give the cork a quick pop and let it drift in the current.

Boat Or Land Retrieve

Cast the cork out and let some slack out in your line.

Instead of popping your rod up, like with the kayak retrieve, you pop the rod down with this retrieve.

You can even tilt your rod at an angle for each pop as well.


biggest popping cork mistakes

Popping corks are an excellent way to spark a quick bite in a hurry!

They attempt to mimic the sound of a feeding frenzy igniting a blitz around them.

But you’ve got to make sure you’re creating the right “POP” or else it could look unnatural!

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What questions do you have about how to retrieve popping corks?

What lure do you always use underneath a popping cork?

Let me know below in the comments section!!

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Jonathan Fortune
3 months ago

Great presentation, I appreciate how simple you explain the technique! Then the Redfish, pretty epic. Also Richard thank you for helping us out during the hurricane – We appreciate any help we can get

John Nightingale
3 months ago

Great presentation, I’ve been doing it wrong from the boat, I tried it the way you showed and it worked great thanks for the info

Steven Free
3 months ago

Yea while I have caught a few fish with popping corks very few is the key word I used to use a gulp shrimp on my cork rig but could never really do much on them and like the saying goes if your confidence is lacking then your catching probably will as well thanks for the info and all you do👍😉

Gilbert Blanchard Jr
3 months ago

Awesome presentation regarding “popping corks”. Redfish was Good ‘ Lagniappe ‘ as we say in Louisiana.

Robert Janger
3 months ago

Holy cow! I’ve been doing it wrong for three years! I was out on the boat yesterday and tried popping it down instead of up and it worked great. Two quick downward taps and the cork stayed in almost the same place. Thank you for the video.

3 months ago

My new popping corks are arriving today! Can’t wait to get them wet.

Matt Lanier
3 months ago

That fish was a paid actor! Great work brotha! Love my popping corks!

Mark Beasley
3 months ago

Thanks for the popping cork info.

Kevin Stankewicz
3 months ago

How much distance between the popping cork and lure?

Rick Bish
3 months ago

Wow! Great video “by example,” Richard!
I’ll have to revisit the popping cork!
Haven’t used it in a while!


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