Four Horsemen Popping Corks Review

We’ve been using them so much lately, that I figured I’d make a Four Horsemen Popping Corks Review!!

Popping corks are a great way to shake things up and catch tons of fish.

I never leave home without one!!

Learn more in this video!

Four Horsemen Popping Corks Review [VIDEO]

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Equipment Mentioned:

Four Horsemen Popping Corks were originally designed by two Lousiana Fishing Guides that needed something to fit their preferences and style of fishing.

The popping cork system itself weighs 1 ounce that comes with a 130-lb Spro Swivel and stainless steel wiring.

These popping corks are quite durable and are built to last.

I’ve used these popping corks to troll behind my kayak or even catch sheepshead with live bait.

Other popping corks have a tendency to bend or loosen which can cause an unnatural presentation.

The hardware will not fail on a Four Horsemen Popping Cork when inshore saltwater fishing.

The Cork Design

The Four Horsemen Popping Cork is a rounded oval that has an epoxied bottom in between two round beads.

This is not only to protect the cork itself from the weight and system but also to create additional sound.

The low-frequency “pop-pop” sound the cork creates attracts predatory fish in the area to come and check it out.

The Pros

Popping corks get tossed around and beat up out on the water.

Four Horsemen Popping Corks are highly-durable and stand the test of the conditions.

Moreover, you can fish artificial lures or live bait under these corks.

The Cons

At 1 full ounce, this popping cork is a bit on the heavier side.

If you account for the weight of your jighead/lure underneath the cork, then the system will be heavier.

Rod/Reel Choices & Pairings

I prefer to rig up popping corks on my TFO Tactical Inshore Medium Rod when fishing off of my kayak.

But, if you are fishing from a boat, then you may want to go with a Medium-Heavy, especially if you’re fishing with live bait.

My reel of choice for this outfit is the Daiwa BG MQ 3000.


unpopular popping cork hack

Four Horsemen Popping Corks last much longer than some of the other options out there and should always be in your tackle box before leaving the house.

You never know what you will run into out on the water and a popping cork provides some alternative options.

Do you have any other additional questions about Four Horsemen Popping Corks?

Let me know what you think down in the comments!!

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Douglas Lee
1 year ago

How does this popping cork compare to the Bomber Paradise Oval. If you had to have just one popping cork which of these two would you own?

Emory Harris
1 year ago

Great product like the shorter spline

Kenneth Whiting
1 year ago

Four horseman is my go to cork in deeper murkier water and I use a paradise popper cork in shallow water on the clear side. Sometimes that four horseman just raises to much ruckus. Couple weeks ago we caught a 10 inch trout on a gold digger bomber under a four horseman so don’t hesitate to put a big paddle tail under a cork in my opinion when a fish is attracted to all that noise he expects to find something to eat when he gets there.

Bob Sherman
1 year ago

I like that one as well, but someone used to make the bullet shaped ones without a weight. I used a 3/8 or 1/4oz jig head and it was perfect. Cast further and you could load up your rod without snapping the tip like I’ve done on a 4H or similar. For now I use a 4H with 15lb braid and MH spinning rod or 20lb on a baitcaster. The difference between the cupped or torpedo shaped 4H’s is the torpedo doesn’t have the “ploosh!” sound the cupped one has. The large beads make a loud “clack!” that can be heard over strong wind. Thanks for the tips!

Al Clements
1 year ago

The only Popping Cork I use is the 4 Horseman. When I first started using it I hated it, The barid would rap on the top of the cork and I would have to fix it on every cast. Later I was at my tackel store and was told to tie a 12″ leader from the braid to the popping cork. That elimated all of my problems and now that is the only one I use.

Bry Pfolsgrof
1 year ago
Reply to  Matthew Lanier

Interesting. I used to use popping corks (probably wrong) but I’m looking to get back into and trying it out for some redfish in my area.

When tieing the leader above the cork, what knot do you use? I usually use a double uni and feel that I tie it pretty well and get it slimmed down, however when I tie on 30lb fluro leader sometimes the knot goes through the guides pretty rough. When I use 20lb it goes through without an issue.

Also I know it depends on depth of the water, but how do you choose how long of a leader to tie off the cork? Im planning on trying out the cork on my next kayak trip and most of the water can be as shallow as 2 ft (boca grande area)

Sorry for all the questions lol. Trying to learn as much as I can before I go out on the kayak again. Not as easy to retie and change up while out on the water.

Robert Courtney Ashburn
1 year ago

Always spot on brother. You know me and the popping cork.

Chuck Moresi
1 year ago

Try Bomber corks. They make a really good cork. Durable along with great sound when popping.

Joe Garza
1 year ago
Reply to  Chuck Moresi

I love those Bomber corks as well.

Brett Schwemer
1 year ago

Here in Texas most of us tournament fishermen have been using them for a couple of years. They are hands down the loudest cork on the market. They work great for getting that reaction strike. I have used them in the middle of the day when the bite goes to 0 and this cork will piss them off enough to get that strike. I found that this cork works best the more you pop it. The louder the better! There is just something about that low pitch sound that brings them in. I am so glad salt strong will now be carrying it. When they first came out, you could only get them in Luisiana. I am just now starting to see them at Academy.

Last edited 1 year ago by Brett Schwemer
James Adams
1 year ago

I use the 4 Horsemen corks for speckled trout and reds. I’m convinced that the sound that they make brings more fish. I fish with some really good fishermen, and almost always catch more with these corks.

Robert Murphy
1 year ago

You can’t adjust the depth without retying
There are popping corks available that are adjustable

1 year ago
Reply to  Robert Murphy

The adjustable corks are made by VersaMaxx. The VersaMaxx Knocker makes even more noise and is fully depth adjustable. Saves a ton of time and allows for quick and easy exploring of different depths. Best kept secret of top fisherman, changing depths!


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