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Do you want to know the truth about red tide & Piney Point?

Have you seen snook & trout go crazy for this saltwater scent?

And do you know how to consistently find redfish during the summer?

See these tips in this week’s newsletter, plus:

  • How to quickly increase your casting distance
  • The basics of boat anchoring for anglers
  • How to choose the right reel size for your style of fishing
  • A useful resource from FWC to see if red tide is in your area
  • How to add weight to your soft plastics without changing the hook

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Redfish Spots Tournament (Win This Redfish Championship Belt)!

Who else wants to win this redfish belt! The great news is that we're throwing a completely free tournament to all members. Tight lines!
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2 Ways To Increase Your Casting Distance To Catch More Fish

Do you want to increase your casting distance so you can catch more snook, redfish, and trout? If you are not using this line and making...
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Regional Tactics Lesson: Charlotte Harbor Edition

See an extremely helpful lesson revealing the tactics needed to consistently catch inshore slams in SW FL in and around Charlotte Harbor.
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Big Trout Pukes Up Another Trout (After Eating A Lure – Caught On Film)!

You've got to see what happened when we took an underwater camera down for some trout strikes! This guy pukes up another trout!
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The New Daiwa Saltist MQ Wins Best Saltwater Reel At ICast

Want to know the features of the newly awarded "Best Saltwater Reel" at ICast? And is this spinning reel right for you? Find out...
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What Is The Best Spinning Reel Size For Your Inshore Setup

Are you using the wrong spinning reel size for your rod, line, and species? Chances are good that you might be making this mistake. So...
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This Is The #1 Spot To Find Redfish During The Summer

Want to know the #1 spot to consistently catch redfish throughout the hottest months of summer? There are 3 things that you'll need...
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How To Add Weight To Soft Plastics Without Changing Your Hook

If you need to add weight to your soft plastic lures and DON'T want to change out your hooks (or can't find the hooks you need), then this...
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The Truth About The Tampa Bay Red Tide & Piney Point

Are you fired up about red tide and want to see something done? There are many factors that have contributed to this year's red tide but...
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Snook Go Crazy For This Lure & Scent Combo (Caught On Film)

Having a tough time getting fish to strike? This scent has helped catch tons of fish and these snook went crazy when...
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Breakaway Anchor Mini-Course [With Captain Peter Deeks]

It’s anchor rigging time! Anchoring seems like a simple process, right? It is! However, many anchors are lost to the bottom due to improper rigging....
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How To Use The FWC Red Tide Map (And Where Not To Target Fish)

Do you want to know what areas are currently being affected by red tide? The FWC created an online map that shows where red tide is and...
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The 3 Things All Anglers Need To Know About Anchoring

Do you know how to determine the best anchor for your boat? Do you know how much line you should let out for the best positioning? In this...
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Inner Circle Live Q&A 7-29-21 [Open Q&A]

We had a great Inner Circle call this week! Here’s the recording of this week’s discussion: Discussion Log: • 0:00:45 – ClearWater Fishing Strategy in...
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Where To Fish During Red Tide [West Central Florida Spot Dissection]

In this Spot Dissection we will be discussing where you should try to fish when red tide is prevalent. There is a useful resource from...
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