Snook Go Crazy For This Lure & Scent Combo (Caught On Film)


The juice is loose!!!

Watch these snook go absolutely crazy under the dock lights.

This was an accidental test but I had my iPhone with me and caught it all on camera!

Check it out!

Snook Go Crazy For This Lure & Scent [VIDEO]

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These snook were at the docks feeding on shrimp so I dropped in a Power Prawn.

They went right behind the lure but they didn’t take it!

I had a bottle of Dr. Juice in my pocket so I put a couple of drops on the lure and dipped it in the water.

Within seconds a snook came from behind but instead of retreating, it attacked!

I thought it may be a fluke but cast after cast with Dr. Juice on the Power Prawn, I pulled in snook.

If you’re having a tough time getting strikes, let the juice loose and hold on tight!

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Have any questions about our Dr. Juice Saltwater Slam Scent?

Let me know down in the comments.

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Pablo Diaz
1 month ago

Great stuff Luke !!

1 month ago

The Juice is LOOSE!!! I continue to keep being more and more impressed with this Dr. Juice scent

Sean Shimmel
1 month ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

Eau De Phermone

Steven Free
1 month ago

Yes I do love and use a lot of scents and I have found a way to make your saltstrong Dr juice more effective I add it to my procure because to me the Dr juice is way to funny and by mixing it with the thick fell of the procure it’s much more concentrated that’s what procure is so famous for its
A very thick paste like substance so when applied to any lure ( with the exception of gulp baits because it just slides right off of them) the procure stays on your bait or lure for about 20 to 30 casts where as a scent like dr juice or gulp spray scent in a few casts its already gone thanks for the video and all you do😁

Sean Shimmel
1 month ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Compelling video and helpful details. I’ve been using mine for about a month. On my first outing on Pineda causeway in the Melbourne area, I dropped on Juice and my buddy gelled on Procure. I caught a 23” lady on the first cast and went on to catch 24 in 30 minutes. My pal with Procure caught 11.

Last edited 1 month ago by Sean Shimmel
Sean Shimmel
1 month ago
Reply to  Steven Free

We need the two companies to merge! Juice’s oily scent combined with Procure’s gel base.

Rob S
1 month ago

Cool video, Luke. You could have had fun with Dr. Juice around Mote Marine’s Snook tank – – possible testing grounds? A few nights ago, there was a televised shark program. It did testing on how sharks identify a scent, and then use a back and forth swimming and head motion to zero in on the exact location of the scent. Basically, if the left nostril picks up the strongest scent, it knows to go left and when the opposite nostril becomes the strong side, it then swims right. Snook may be different but maybe not. It also dispelled a myth about how a shark can sense blood in the water for long distances.

David Lee Kalb Jr.
1 month ago

I always thought using sent was for cheaters. I have changed my mind. It’s a common sense fish use, and when presentation isn’t enough. Sent will get them.

Douglas Smith
1 month ago

Strip down and rub it all over your body and go for a night swim.

Tim Gallagher
1 month ago

Luke, Does the Dr Juice have an expiration date, or is it good indefinitely?? Thanks, tim G

Tim Gallagher

Eric Seaberg
1 month ago

Was wondering how Dr Juice would do if I squeeze out my bottle into my gulp bait box. Care to test out for us?


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