How To Use The FWC Red Tide Map (And Where Not To Target Fish)


Red tide is affecting many parts of the west coast of Florida right now.

But where exactly is it?

And are there places to fish that don’t have red tide?

Learn about the FWC’s red tide map in this new video.

Check it out below!

FWC Red Tide Map [VIDEO]

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This is a useful resource if you are being affected by red tide (or if you were planning a trip to these areas).

The FWC Red Tide Map shows where the FWC has taken samples for red tide and where it’s most prevalent.

If you are trying to plan a trip, you can target a location that is not being affected by red tide.

You can pull up the current status map and use the legend to see the levels of red tide for different areas.

This will help you figure out where you can go target fish.

But please avoid fishing where red tide is prevalent and the areas surrounding it!

You can move further north or south, and even go explore a different coastline (or go bass fishing).

Anglers shouldn’t be pressuring fish when red tide is occurring!

Check out the FWC Red Tide map here.

And click here to listen to the Red Tide podcast we did with Tampa Bay Waterkeeper.

Have any questions about the map or where to fish when areas are affected by red tide?

Let me know down in the comments.

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Jessica Margiewicz
1 year ago

It’s so bad now that in Venice and Sarasota, you can smell dead fish after a rainstorm if you live within 10 min of the beach 🙁 I went further inland on Lemon Bay but still no bites despite seeing some bait fish, and my throat hurt from the red tide. Terrible!

James Hagist
1 year ago

Has anyone heard how FWC picks the spots that it samples? If you look at the map in Tampa Bay you see lots of samples around piney point. But then as you go north like around ancelot it makes no sense to me they’re so scattered out. Any insight to how they select their spots?

Adam Bailey
1 year ago

As Tony said, the map shows areas where FWC has sampled and the results of those samples. However, there are a lot of other places where red tide is and is not. Best to ask the community for latest intel, and then still be prepared to make large moves. Red tide moves freely with the wind and tidal currents. Finally, in areas where red tide has been recently, don’t expect to find much life.

fl big o
1 year ago

yea, was in sarasota the other week where the dead drums floating by were 2ft long in new pass:( so sad

1 year ago

Click on the individual dots on the map to see when the sample was taken….usually the samples are at least 5 days old by the time they make it to the map.

Fred Dugach
1 year ago

We were excited to review your video and the two intro lessons and wanted to try all of this out.
We went out yesterday in Naples at the Gordon river and a few places just out of the mouth and then several recommended places along the river but we only caught two whiting.
We also tried along the side of the Jolly Bridge and came up empty.
We used your Slam series and the 5” gulp jerk you recommended in the videos but nothing.
We also tried Shrimp on a circle hook with Fish Bites – nothing.
You said that you could guarantee bites on a daily basis and I’m a bit skeptical.
Let me know your recommendations.

Joseph Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Fred Dugach

Hey Fred. Excellent question with a pretty simple answer. If it was as easy as watching two videos and then catching endless fish everyone would be doing it… Definitely go through the ENTIRE course and I’d highly recommend going through the Finding Spots Mastery course. There is no MAGIC lure… you’ve got to be in the right spot at the right time to catch fish. Looking forward to hearing your progress and keep us posted on anything we can do to help you out.


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