Big Trout Pukes Up Another Trout (After Eating A Lure – Caught On Film)!


Holy trout attack!

Wait until you see what happened with this trout footage.

I recently added a camera rig with a Slam Shady 2.0 lure covered with Dr. Juice and tried to get some good underwater trout strikes (which I did).

The great news is that these trout were NOT camera shy…

Not only that, this one big trout puked up another trout!

Check it out!

Trout Pukes Up Another Trout [VIDEO]

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Predators stalk their prey.

And trout certainly know how to strike at the perfect time.

They come from behind and below to analyze it.

Then at the last second, they strike!

And speckled trout LOVE the Slam Shady 2.0.

But we need your help to get to 100 species caught on this lure!!

Have any questions about the Slam Shady 2.0 or Dr. Juice?

Let me know down in the comments.

And if you know someone who’s sick of getting skunked, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Kenneth Johnston
2 years ago

This video alone is worth the membership fee. Great stuff. Can’t wait to see the redfish episode.

Capt. Tom Marks
2 years ago

Great video! I always try to figure out why something happens, such as why the trout hit the lure so it is headed down its gullet. Now if I was that small trout of some other baitfish and saw a predator like a big trout coming to eat me I am going to try and swim away as fast as I can. The trout knows this so to make it and easy meal with no chance of escape I am going to hit my prey so it is turned to swim into my mouth. There is no escape route! Also the fins and scales of the prey are all facing to the rear making the food slide right down without resistance. This is my take on the entire process.

John Long
2 years ago

Amazing, Luke! Thank you for taking the time to enjoy making videos like this. And, I must type: That was quite a day of catching!

2 years ago

Fantastic video, WOW, they knock the heck out of the Slam Shady, UH!
As always Luke, thanks for the hard work, lol making this video it’s great.

Matthew Lanier
2 years ago

So much awesome in this video Luke!
Killer footage and so informative. Love being able to learn about their behavior in relation to strikes!
Way to go Luke!

Buzz Butters
2 years ago

That was amazing. I am now a huge fan of the Lure Cam. Very informative. Im hoping that will be used in the future with other species when applicable??

Jon Fortune
2 years ago

That’s awesome. We’re you trolling that paddle tail?

Pat Ogletree
2 years ago

Love it!!

My guess is, with that last fish that took awhile to strike, the scent is what made it commit.

Also, this might explain why almost all the trout I catch on topwater, I hook with the front hook. The tail being on the outside of the mouth leads me to believe that.

This footage is golden! Thanks for sharing

2 years ago

I noticed on the last strike there was a piece of seaweed on the hook shank. I was of the opinion that if you got weed on your hook no fish would hit it. Guess I’ve been wrong on that.

Neal H.
2 years ago

I am scared to think what would happen if the camera housing was made in the SLAM SHADY color and sprayed with Dr. Juice!?! LOOK OUT!
Thank you for another creative and informative video.
While wading, I had a solid trout hooked and during retrieve, i thought she had given up fighting. What she did was throw-up a 15″ half digested trout that then got hooked on my lure – and that is what I saw at my feet – a zombie trout- my wierdest moment in fishing, for sure!


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