How to NEVER Get Spooled By A Fish [Video]

By: Luke Simonds on October 11, 2015
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Did you know it should be virtually impossible to get spooled by a fish?

Let me explain…

One of the best things about saltwater fishing is that you never know what type of fish will be on the end of your line next…

And since some species get incredibly big and are very strong, some simply will be too big to land if your using gear for smaller fish.

So it’s important to know what to do if you find yourself battling a fish that simply will not stop taking line out because it’ll most certainly be a death sentence for the fish if it’s dragging around 100+ yards of line… and having all that line out will most certainly not be good for the environment since animals could get tangled up in it.

Fortunately, there is a very easy way to ensure that you never get spooled… no matter how big the fish is or how small the reel.

And it involves only two things:

1. Tighten the Drag

As soon as you start running low on line and believe that the fish cannot be stopped, you first should tighten the drag to put as much pressure as possible on the fish.

tighten spinning reel drag

Note: If you reel’s max drag is less than the line’s breaking strength, then be sure to be ready to quickly move to the next step (manually add pressure) to ensure your reel’s drag doesn’t get compromised.

2. Manually Stop The Spool

When a fish cannot be stopped by maxing out drag, then you’ll have to manually apply pressure to the spool so it stops allowing line to leave the spool.

For spinning reals, this is very easy because it’s easy to simply grab a hold of the spool so it stops spinning…

grabbing spool of spinning reel

And for bait casting reels, it’s not quite as easy but still isn’t difficult. You’ll simply need to apply pressure on the spool with your fingers (I use both thumbs as shown in the video below).

stopping spool on bait caster

Note: If using line that has a breaking strength above 20 lbs with a big fish on the end of the line, the friction from the line on the fingers could hurt… so having gloves or something else to take the brunt of the friction would be needed.

When forcing the spool to stop spinning, one of two things will happen…

Either the added pressure will turn the fish back so you can start gaining line back.

Or, the tension on the line will cause the weakest point to give out… and that typically will be the knot that connects your line to your leader.

So even if you do break off, you’ll at least get you’re main line back and you’ll have saved the fish from having to drag 100+ yards of line around.

How To Never Get Spooled [VIDEO]

Watch the video below to see how it is done with both a spinning reel and a bait caster:

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So if you ever find yourself in a one-sided battle with a beast of the sea, make sure to never let it take all of your line.

Given that it only requires two simple steps (tighten the drag, and manually apply more pressure), the “getting spooled” phrase will never be part of your fishing stories.

And if anyone of your friends/family has ever told you a story about getting spooled, please be sure to send this article to them because it can save them from it ever happening again.

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