Why Fishermen With Beards Catch More Fish (Interview With Bearded Brad)

Do bearded fishermen catch more fish?

Bearded Brad has one of the fastest-growing saltwater fishing YouTube channels out there.

Listen in below as Brad details some of his story and how he amassed his own following!!

Find out more in the episode below!!

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Beards Catch More Fish [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version of this episode:

  • 1:30 – Bearded Brad joins the show
  • 2:25 – Bearded Brad Backstory
  • 5:40 – Moving South
  • 6:55 – Original Plan
  • 7:45 – Fishing with Bama Beach Bum
  • 9:05 – Starting a YouTube channel
  • 10:15 – Quitting and Fishing
  • 13:30 – Bearded Brad Content
  • 17:25 – Where can you find Bearded Brad?
  • 18:35 – What’s next?
  • 26:10 – #1 Piece of Advice You Would Give to those switching to Saltwater Fishing

Beards Catch More Fish [VIDEO]

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best lure color for redfish

We had so much fun with all of our YouTube and Content Creators down in Aripeka, Florida!

Bearded Brad is growing his brand fast and spreading tons of helpful hints and quality fishing knowledge for saltwater anglers!

Be sure to check out his content on Facebook and YouTube!!

Do you have any more questions for Bearded Brad?

Do bearded fishermen catch more fish???

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Bob Sherman
1 year ago

I’ve been meaning to talk about this serious matter. 🤠 Beards and guitars over time collect what’s known in the South as “Mojo.” Like my “lucky shirt!”

Steven Free
1 year ago

Well can’t say they do or don’t because even though I have a beard I really say it doesn’t matter considering I know a couple guides that fish and write articles for my area northeast FL jacksonville st augustine one is Terry lacrosse and his son David both are guides although Terry is semi retired but Terry has written articles for florida sportsman mag for years and is still a contributing editor and Capt Roger bump and Capt Chris Christianson all 4 are great editors and each catch fish alot and all of them are clean shaven I kind of think it’s like the silly superstition of fishing with bananas on board I guess if you believe it will bring you bad luck it will because really there is no such thing as luck it’s all in the timing and being at the right place at the right time as well as skilfully placing the bait or lure in a way that the fish strike it or eat it anyways its my point of view and I know it’s not everyone’s so no big deal if no one else agrees with me enough said🤔


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