Incredible Shrimp Lure Test Results (Flounder, Snook, & Grouper LOVE It)


For the last few months, we’ve been on a mission to find the ultimate shrimp lure…

And we’ve finally found it!

We’ve been testing out different designs, sizes, materials, and even different jig heads for rigging them to catch big fish.

And judging by all the fish that smashed it on this short trip, we’ve finally got it dialed in.

Even with Otis making all sorts of commotion on the boat, I caught loads of fish in this trip that was under 1 and a half hours (all filmed on 1 GoPro battery).

In this video, you’ll get one of the very first glimpse of this lure in action.

Check it out below!

New Shrimp Lure Test [VIDEO]

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Equipment used:

– Setup #1 (deeper water)

– Setup #2 (deeper water)

  • Rod: St. Croix Legend Tournament 7’6″ Med-Heavy Power Fast Action
  • Reel: Daiwa BG 2500
  • Line: 20 lb PowerPro
  • Leader: 40 lb Ande Mono
  • Lure: New shrimp lure from Brazil (coming to USA soon) rigged on 1/4 oz jig head


Sure was a fun trip!

This is just one of many trips I’ve had like this with constant action on this shrimp lure.

In fact, here’s an amazing snook catch we had the very first time we fished with these Brazilian shrimp lures:

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These shrimp lures are currently not available in the US, but we’re going to fix that very soon because recently placed a big order an expect them to be here at some point in December.

Be sure to keep an out for an email from us letting you know when we have this available on our shop.

And if you want 20% off of it when we get it, plus 20% off of everything else in the store, AND our best fishing tips every week, then join us in the Insider Club!

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Tim Smith
6 months ago

Any word on when you are getting a restock?

Asner Reodica
8 months ago

Hey Luke, I recently got a brand new Ci4+ 4K in a trade. I know you guys aren’t fans of Shimano currently. I know I will eventually have to change the line roller bearing. But I was wondering how you felt about it paired with that Triumph? I plan to use it for (1/2oz to 1ish) artificial at the Jetty and docks. Also… Might have to wait for the Bull Bay Custom 👀 if you guys are doing a heavy version. Thanks for all your help.

Asner Reodica
8 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Thanks for the info and the clarity,Luke!! I will def give a Triumph a feel. I own a Tidemaster MHF76 and I love it.

I recently learned about a lower priced reel from Shimano if you guys wanted to test it. The Spheros SW Inshore. Sizes are 3K and 4K. 3K weights 9oz and has the Hagane body and gear. Sturdier stem over the Fuego? Reel retails at $120.

Jonathan Garcia
8 months ago

I need help finding what shrimp has more resistance towards pinfish, ladyfish ect becouse I catch big 30 to 35inch inch snook and the smaller trash fish rip of the shrimp tail can anyone help me?

P.S I was using the vodo shrimp and the gulp shrimp

Dan Deins
9 months ago

Hey Luke, what brand and size jig are you using with the new shrimp?


9 months ago

Good video, anxiously waiting for when you get that shrimp lure in stock. Question…why do you use 2 different pound test leaders? Why not just use the one heavier leader onto the braid main line?

Thanks, Greg

William Dampier
10 months ago

Got a quick question. When you are using Artificial paddle tails and shrimp, do you use Braided line with a Fluorocarbon leader?
Thanks, Donnie

William Dampier
10 months ago

I just joined about two weeks ago and it’s the Bomb. I enjoy all the knowledge. When will the new Brazil shrimp be available to purchase?

William Dampier
10 months ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

Awesome! I have already been catching numerous fish on the Slam Shady’s. I enjoy all the info provided by you and your team.

10 months ago

I need these! Fished the bays all through childhood even worked as a deck hand but moved away for a while. Now I have to relearn everything, thanks Salt Strong!

Jorge M
10 months ago

Can you email me when the shrimp comes in to buy? Please and thank you bud

Butch Alden
10 months ago

I would like to get emailed when those shimp come in.Thanks


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