Kristine Fischer: Cashing Fishing Checks In A Male Dominated Sport


You’re going to love this story…

It’s about a young and vibrant Nebraska girl who grew up without a TV…

Who fell in love with fishing at a young age…

Who recently walked away from her job to pursue a career in fishing…

Having to compete and perform against some of the best kayak bass anglers in the country…

Meet Kristine Fischer (aka Midwestfishergal)

kristine fischer kayak fishing
Kristine Fischer holding a first-place check from Lake Chickamauga

This woman is taking the kayak fishing world by storm and in this podcast episode she’s sharing it all, including:

  • How she went from owning a pilates studio to being a professional kayak angler
  • What it was like in her first kayak fishing tournament (hint: she was the only female and didn’t own a kayak until days before the tournament)
  • How she prepares for fishing tournaments
  • How she makes a living as a professional kayak angler (and how it’s possible for you, too!)
  • What she does when she’s having a tough start to a tournament
  • How she’s embraced being a female angler (and why being a female angler is bigger than her)

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the play button below, or on iTunes, Stitcher, or Spotify.


Meet Kristine Fischer [PODCAST]

salt strong podcast itunes
salt strong podcast stitcher

salt strong podcast spotify

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Power Fishing Lake St. Clair [VIDEO]

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Those are some big smallmouth bass!

Kayak River Muskie [VIDEO]

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I think I’m going to have to make a trip up north to target these guys!

I wonder if they would take a Slam Shady


What an awesome interview!

Kristine is an amazing angler and I especially love how she’s embraced being a female angler disrupting the fishing industry.

I’m thankful that my young daughters have women like her to look up to.

You can keep up with Kristine at the links below:

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Vernon Harris
3 years ago

I’ve been following her for a while now. Her passion and the level of excitement she displays when she is hooked up is fantastic. Always makes me smile to watch her videos.


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