How To Catch An Inshore Slam Under Pressure


“If I were a fish, where would I want to be sitting?”

That’s the question that Derek Engle asks himself as he scouts an area before every fishing trip.

Quick story about Derek…

A few months ago Luke and I were fishing in the Reeling Freedom tournament in Tarpon Springs.

It was a slam tournament and our total length was about 71 inches.

On our way back to the ramp we were feeling pretty good about ourselves, thinking we were about to get a top 5 finish.

We weren’t too far off, finishing 7th, but considering it was just the two of us using only artificials, competing against boats of up to four people using live bait, we were feeling pretty good!

That was until we heard about Derek.

This guy was fishing by himself…

In a kayak…

Using only artificials…

And outfished us!

And this wasn’t a fluke.

This guy routinely wins tournaments all over the state so we had to bring him on the podcast.

Listen to the episode below where he shares:

  • How he prepares for inshore tournaments
  • Why he prefers artificials over live bait
  • His favorite types of fishing spots (he actually prefers not to fish mangrove shorelines!)
  • How to identify snook, redfish and trout spots for slam tournaments
  • His favorite technique to catch fish (sight fishers need to hear this!)
  • Why networking is so important to catching fish
  • The secret strategy that doesn’t like to tell his competitors

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the play button below, or on iTunes or Stitcher.


How To Catch A Slam Under Pressure [PODCAST]

fish strong podcast

stitcher fish strong podcast

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Baits mentioned:


If you’re wondering how he did in the tournament, well…

He won!

derek engle fishing tournament

You can keep up with Derek on:

Derek said that one of the biggest factors to his success is his network.

Of course, his network has been built by many years on the water and in tournaments.

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Larry Engle
3 years ago

Congrats to my nephew (Derek Engle) and brother (Marvin Engle). Derek really is the fish whisperer.

Gene Hammond
3 years ago

Unbelievable podcast!! I’ve been waiting for this one for a while, the kid is simply amazing. I met him for the first time in 2017 and have watched him win tournament after tounament after tournament!! We’ll done Joe!!


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