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Why is it sometimes best to ditch your fishing trip pre-plan?

How do you fish outgoing tides in winter?

What is the most versatile winter lure?

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  • Wade fishing in Tampa Bay report
  • Best lure for catching tripletail

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Backcountry Exploration in Riverbreeze, FL [Insider Report]

Time to stretch my kayak-legs and explore! In this report, I’ll be revisiting an area I haven’t fished in a few years up near the...
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The Ultimate Wade Fishing Pre-Trip Planning Guide

Want to see how the pros consistently find productive spots from shore? Want to maximize your time wade fishing? Then you've got to see this new guide!
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Post Cold Front Tactics: Having Multiple Game Plans

On this trip report, I was faced with some pretty tough conditions after a cold front passed through.Coming up with a solid, yet simple, game...
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Gulp! Shrimp VS. FishBites Experiment

Which is better for catching pinfish or other baitfish: Gulp! Shrimp or FishBites? Is there a huge difference between the two brands? Check out this...
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New Year Winter Slam [Insider Report]

For my last trip of 2021, I figured that there’d be no better way to ring in the New Year than catching an inshore slam!...
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Sight Fishing Snook In The Winter [Insider Report Analysis]

This Insider Report show the exact type of spots to look for in between the cold fronts to get into some fun sight fishing opportunities.
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Fishing Docks To Catch A Slam In The Winter [Insider Report]

In this trip, I wanted to focus on areas that had docks and structure during an outgoing tide.  I ended up choosing an area in...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Jan 7th to 9th]

See the #1 type of spot to look for to find the redfish, seatrout, snook, and flounder during this weather pattern we've been seeing lately.
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Finding Inshore Slam Species In Creeks [Insider Report]

It’s time to hit the creeks! But where do you start? With this unseasonably warm weather we are having it has been somewhat hard to...
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Why You Should Bail On The Pre-Plan If Conditions Aren’t Ideal

What should you do if you pre-planned a fishing trip but weather or other outside factors interfere with your objectives? How can you make an...
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Wade Fishing In Tampa Bay For Inshore Slams [On-The-Water Report]

Can you catch inshore slams without a boat or a kayak? Believe it or not, you can go wade fishing in Tampa Bay and catch inshore slams...
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Finding Fish 101 – Identifying Mud Flats vs. Grass Flats on Satellite Maps

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, we will be showing how to identify mud flats (or muddy bottom) vs. oyster bars on satellite maps (and...
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Best Lure For Catching Tripletail From Under Crab Trap Buoys

What is the best lure for catching tripletail from under crab trap buoys? Check this out to learn what the best lure for tripletail is...
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State Of The Saltwater Fishing Union (2022)

What is the current status of all things Saltwater Fishing? Check out this episode to hear the current State Of The Saltwater Fishing Union...
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Best Methods For Casting At Tailing Redfish

How can you master the art of casting to tailing redfish? Where should you aim your casts to trigger strikes? If you see redfish tailing...
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