Best Lure For Catching Tripletail From Under Crab Trap Buoys


What is the must-have lure to use for catching tripletail from under crab trap buoys?

What kind of presentation can induce strikes from these finicky fish?

Check out the best lure for catching tripletail from under crab trap buoys below!!

Learn it all here!

#1 Lure For Catching Tripletail Under Crab Trap Buoys

The Alabama Leprechaun has proven to be the ticket for catching tripletail underneath crab trap buoys.

It is even more effective when targeting the larger, smarter tripletail that are hesitant to strike.

Benefits Of The Alabama Leprechaun

Firstly, the Alabama Leprechaun jerkbait has great darting action and natural movement when its used.

The best way to work this lure near crab trap buoys is to twitch it twice and allow it to fall naturally like a shrimp.

You are trying to mimic the behavior of a scared shrimp trying to escape the tripletail.

This type of presentation will also imitate a wounded baitfish trying to paddle themselves away.

On top of the action this lure creates, when rigged on an Owner Weighted Twistlock Hook, it becomes totally weedless.

You can either skin-hook the tip of the hook for extra protection against structure or leave it exposed to increase the hookup ratio.

If you choose to skin-hook the tip of the hook, you can cast more aggressively and aim very close to structures without getting snagged.

Rigging & Hooks

As for rigging the Alabama Leprechaun, it is best rigged on a weighted hook.

It can work on a worm hook, however, the weighted shank gives the lure better action and overall presentation.

Tripletail are attracted to the up and down drop and rise of the lure which the weighted hooks enhance.

Either the 1/16 oz. weighted hook or a 1/8 oz. hook will work the best.

As far as hook sizing, a 3/0 hook is the perfect match for this lure.

#1 Lure For Catching Tripletail Under Crab Trap Buoys [VIDEO]

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The key to tripletail fishing is getting your lure right in front of the fish’s face and creating enticing darting action with the lure.

More often than not, tripletail will strike the lure as it flutters down after some quick twitches.

The Alabama Leprechaun is the go-to lure for hooking into these finicky tripletail hugging close to crab trap buoys!

Do you have any more questions on the best lure for catching tripletail?

Let me know down in the comments!

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Bob Hartwein
1 year ago

Way to Go Luke! Great fish & explanation!

Mel Crissey
1 year ago

Great video and tips Luke and Joe.

Michael Carducci
1 year ago

Love these “on the water” tutorials Luke!

Thomas Marks
1 year ago

I got to try hunting down some triple tail. Awesome video.

John Hardiman
1 year ago


Steven Free
1 year ago

I dont know a lot about tripletails but I have caught 1 on a crab trap about 2 years ago in late summer on the chasebaits lick prawn in jelly color a spitting image of our pink and white shrimp native to the northeast fl area that I live and fish it’s amazing though unlike other species when approached the fish that I caught let me pass right next to the boy because when I saw the trap I remembered an article you guys wrote on crab traps being a good structure that attracts them and when I passed the boy I saw the fish then passed the bouy and turned around and made a cast past the trap bringing the shrimp lure right to the bouy and it hit immediatly a good fight and great eats the only problem being here in our murky water it’s tough to spot them unless there is bright sun shining on the water then fish are easier to spot most of these fish around here are caught offshore where the water is a lot clearer anyways thanks for the info and all you do😉👍

Phillip Butler
1 year ago

Sweet. Love the Alabama leprechaun. Great fish catcher. Got to try and get some triple tail now.

Luke Simonds
1 year ago
Reply to  Phillip Butler

I hope you enjoy throwing the Alabama Leprechaun to some tripletail soon.


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