State Of The Saltwater Fishing Union (2022)


What is the current state of all things saltwater fishing?

What are we to expect in terms of tackle, technology, and overall updates to fishing in 2022?

Get ready for a fantastic year of fishing Salt Strong Nation!

What could be coming for you all in 2022 from Salt Strong?

Check out this latest episode to learn all that you have to be excited for in 2022!

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State Of The Saltwater Fishing Union [PODCAST]

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We covered a lot in this podcast, so here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:39 – The current State of Tackle
  • 6:56 – Supply chain issues
  • 14:39 – Soft plastic lure sales
  • 17:07 – New Salt Strong Lures
  • 18:18 – Insider Reports Updates
  • 23:27 – Fishing Technology
  • 23:39 – Smart Fishing Tides
  • 32:24 – Insider Community
  • 38:14 – The meaning of Salt Strong to Insiders

State Of The Saltwater Fishing Union [VIDEO]

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New and exciting things are coming your way in 2022 in terms of tackle, technology, and all things fishing here at Salt Strong!

Fishing is a constantly growing industry and something new anglers are trying every single day.

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Sonny Reeves
2 years ago

Got my Salt Strong Bull Bay rod today! Since starting the insider courses and new to kayaking have caught more snook in last 3 weeks than the last 72 yrs. Hope for a awesome Satly year with tight lines and screaming drags for all! Semper Fi

William Velkly
2 years ago

Great stuff guys! Question, will gold digger bombers be on the members tackle page soon? I did pick up some on the one cent offer. Again, thanks!

Jim S
2 years ago

Joe, Justin, you mentioned being locked in at the $97/year price for life if we sign up. Do you have to maintain your membership every year to remain locked in to that price? What if I skip a year or two and want to come back? Would I be considered a new member if I return 2 years later?

Rob S
2 years ago

A thought provoking discussion, Joe/Justin. Coupling the ideas of (i) fishing anywhere and those things apply everywhere and (ii) marrying that data with algorithms to translate it to a visual aid would be a giant leap forward.

It’s critical to your organization’s long term prosperity and survival to move fast to build inside the USA and divorce reliance on big tech. Don’t discount a big rupture with China, a possible military conflict due to perceived USA weakness, and/or high, prolonged inflation. Financing companies in the 70s & 80s with double digit inflation and interest rates at 15%+ provides a different perspective than younger people have.

Keep thinking outside the box and aiming for excellence.


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