What Goes Into Making A “Great” Angler?

What do you think makes an angler a “GREAT” angler?

How do you define greatness?

Greatness can be achieving your own personal goals and then sharing the knowledge you gained to get there to others!

But where does one begin to become “great”?

You do not want to miss out on this episode!

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What Goes Into Making A “Great” Angler? [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 2:16 – What makes a “GREAT” angler?
  • 4:43 – Defining greatness
  • 7:38 – Greatness as a lifestyle
  • 9:46 – Teaching & sharing
  • 12:24 – Reward & fulfillment
  • 15:01 – Impact on other anglers
  • 15:51 – The First ‘C’ of Greatness
  • 20:26 – The Second ‘C’ of Greatness
  • 21:48 – Power of Community
  • 24:14 – Nostalgic fishing memories
  • 29:56 – Self-awareness of Greatness
  • 34:03 – How do you define greatness?
  • 36:52 – Setting fishing goals

What Goes Into Making A “Great” Angler? [VIDEO]

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how to apply dr juice to catch more fish

Greatness is something we all strive for especially in the fishing world.

Putting in the time and effort to learn the craft and then sharing that knowledge with others is the ultimate definition of being a great angler.

Let us know what being a great angler means to you down in the comments!

Do you have any questions on this episode of the Salt Strong Podcast?

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Justin Ritchey
1 year ago

Loved doing this Podcast with you, Brother. Upward & onward to GREATNESS!!!


Thomas Marks
1 year ago

Excellent podcast. You triggered me to think about “greatness” in my life. I have fished with some greats. I became a charter captain and ran a successful business. A lot of people would ask me to speak on fishing, to tap into my knowledge. I shared everything I knew. I heard the praise like “you are great”. Maybe, maybe not. Like the really great anglers I fished with I do not think they believed they were great, just very good and always tried to be better. I was pretty good and tried to get better and was always learning. Greatness in a personal sense is something you always strive for but never reach.

Last edited 1 year ago by Thomas Marks
Gerald Dexter
1 year ago

Being able to share with someone else is what I like to do.

Rick Daniel
1 year ago
Reply to  Gerald Dexter

You nailed it Jerry. It’s awesome to spend quality time with friends and/or family. Catching fish is icing on the cake!

Mike Rock
1 year ago

Really enjoyed the pod cast. I shared it with my spouse and 2 sons because this discussion relates to life in general and as Christians giving back is important to our family!

Okay Joe, you peeked my curiosity, I watched a FISHING WITH JOHN episode with Dennis Hopper ……. I think he played ping pong more than he fished. The only real thing related to fishing is the title, but it was entertaining, the commentary was hilarious. “These are horses”. ….thanks for all you do!

Jeff Sawchuk
1 year ago

Thanks guys, and it is stuff like this that makes all of you at Salt Strong a Great fishing community group. Keep on keeping on!

Wade Lawrimore
1 year ago

I love salt strong and my joy of fishing is bringing shut in’s fresh cleaned fish to eat and enjoy the smiles and conversation’s

Tony Elmore
1 year ago

What goes into making great angler? The answer to this question will generate nearly as many different answers as the question of the best spinning reel for inshore applications. Is it about how many fish you catch or how large? The answer to that, at least for me, is yes and no. For me it is more of a thing of simplicity. There are five things imo that are present in the lives of people that I would consider to be great anglers.

1.) Thankfulness to God for the ability and opportunity to enjoy what He made

2.) Appreciating and respecting the fishery in order to enjoy it for ourselves, but also to preserve it for those that come along behind us

3.) Always learning

4.) Mentoring the next generation


Going fishing is great.
Taking someone fishing is greater.
Teaching someone to fish is the greatest!

Danny Mitchell
1 year ago

Great Podcast, one of my favorites. I especially liked the part where you talked about personal fishing goals. I’ve heard it said that 20% of the Fishermen catch 80% of the fish… I believe that’s true. So a basic goal would be to be considered a “20 percenter”. More specifically, most all of my fishing over the course of my life has been in freshwater… I’ve won my fair share of tournaments, caught many trophy fish of various species and guided dozens of family, friends, coworkers and acquaintances to their biggest fish…. But now I’m moving to saltwater fishing… so I guess my goals are the same…. Goal #1 Be good enough to be competitive in local and regional tournaments and win a few. Goal #2 Be good enough to take people out fishing and see them be successful. If I can accomplish those two things both in freshwater and saltwater in my lifetime I’ll call that a win. But really the guys who are truly great at fishing are the ones that can consistently outfish the “locals” on their home body of water.

Art Heiter
1 year ago

Joe, it’s pretty clear your on the pathway to greatness. Justin, you clearly are rocking it too! Stay humble…

Michael Quimuyog
1 year ago

Justin, Joe that is spot on. I’ve learned over time you have to give it away to keep it in most aspects in life. That is what I’m getting from you guys. To me that would be my personal definition of greatness, I do depend on what nature gives me on the water even though electronics are good. So in short give it away to keep it. God Bless and fish on.


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