Fishing World Records: Redfish, Trout, Snook, Flounder & More!


Where can you access all of the fishing world records?

What is the world record for the biggest redfish ever caught?

What about snook or speckled trout?

In this episode, we discuss the fishing world records book and how these records came to stand!

How does your personal best fish stack up to the record holder’s fish?

This is an episode you DO NOT want to miss!

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World Records Of Fishing [PODCAST]

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We covered a lot in this episode, so here is a timestamped version:

  • 1:44 – Specific rules and regulations to be considered for a record
  • 3:33 – Classes of records
  • 4:40 – Current Redfish records
  • 6:04 – North Carolina Redfish records
  • 9:54 – Summer Flounder records
  • 10:31 – Speckled Trout records
  • 11:52 – Texas records
  • 14:22 – Tackle line-class records
  • 14:56 – New line-class regulations
  • 16:33 – Snook records
  • 21:03  Tripletail records
  • 21:46 – World record Pinfish
  • 22:51 – What is the one fish you want to see in the record books?

World Records Of Fishing [VIDEO]

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monster snook

Every angler wants to stamp their name in the record books as catching the biggest fish within a respective species.

If you want to learn the trends and tactics to set out and catch bigger fish, then you need to check out our Insider Community.

Perfecting the craft of fishing and learning over time can help you put yourself in a position to possibly shatter some records!

Do you have any more questions on this latest episode?

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Harold Wilson
1 year ago

Hey guys, I was fishing the same beach, just south of David Duel who caught that world record. Same day. I saw him and the fish. It was laying in an open cooler at ” Fishing Unlimited”.When I went in David was on the phone with the sportswriter from the Virgian Pilot newspaper. I actually took a scale off the fish. He caught it on a production Diawa rod and reel. 7000 i think.It was not caught at the Point. It was caught on Avon Beach, Just a couple miles north. They have a World Championship Drum Tournament every year on that beach. I was lucky enough to win about 20 years ago. Lots of 40 to 50 inch fish caught each year.Hey guys its Ocracoke further south. Silent e. Ocracoke is famous for its most famous resident, ” Blackbeard”.Use to raid the ships stuck on the shoals.

Scott Rispaud
1 year ago

I met George once and he lost so many Snook on 2lb test before he got the hang of the hook set while fishing with “Thread”. I loved hearing the Seatrout records since my biggest was 11 lbs in Jupiter 1982! Never got another “Gator” even close since. Great Podcast!


Brent Larson
1 year ago

I live in Avon NC and get to see the world record red drum every time I go to Frank and Frans tackle shop in town. Just was looking at it earlier this week.

Richard Keatley
1 year ago

Maybe you guys should consider bestowing some kind of exalted status on any Salt Strong members who have an IGFA World Record? And if you guys are truly interested in exploring the fishing scene at Cape Hatteras or the Point, I could put you up. So let’s chat if you are interested as we have a place in Hatteras Village. But the offer only stands if you stop calling Ocracoke “Ocracokee” Joe.

Last edited 1 year ago by Richard Keatley
John Walker
1 year ago

Correction on the World Record Red Drum caught here in NC..Caught Nov 7, 1984 by David Deuel, 94 lbs 2oz off Ramp 34 in Avon, just north of Avon Pier in Avon, NC…not at Cape Point…the previous World Record Red Drum was caught just north a miles north of there in Rodanthe, NC off Hatteras Island Pier on Nov 7, 1972 by Elvin Hooper at 90lbs..Nov 7th is now recognized as World Record Drum Day by hardcore red drum fishermen in NC..

Michael Carducci
1 year ago

I would like to see George Hogan Jr as a guest on a webmaster and ask about his fishing prowress

Rob S
1 year ago

Both George and his wife, Liz. She holds more IGFA records than he does. Together they hold more than 50 IGFA world records on mostly 8-pound line or less. I think they now live in Ft. Pierce, and getting up in years.

Last edited 1 year ago by Rob S
Carson Baird
1 year ago

Heyyy good to see Lawson Lindsey get a photo in there! Kid seems super down to earth, look him up on YouTube for some good fishing content!

1 year ago
Reply to  Carson Baird

Not a huge fan of the handling the likes of goliath grouper… hey let’s keep it out of the water taking photos videos and talking about for several minutes.

Rob S
1 year ago
Reply to  Carson Baird

Lawson Lindsey puts out some great content mainly around Jupiter, FL and surrounding area. I used to follow him when he was a kid and enjoyed his video adventures before SS was founded. He’s now married, has a newborn son, sold his infamous Hewes Redfisher, left his sponsors, and now pursuing a business model closer to the way SS does it. Joe interviewed him a few years ago. I hope he finds his footing as he is a very good angler and instructor.

Rob S
1 year ago

Really enjoyed this short podcast. So many issues not touched on . . . line strength tests Luke does show most lines are significantly over their labeled strength; IGFA has a procedure for pre-testing line to avoid missing a record. With catch and release, see more emphasis on length rather than weight but not sure how that is being handled for record keeping. When looking through records sometime ago, I too saw a good number from decades ago but many set in past 20 years suggesting plenty of opportunities are still out there. World record largemouth bass at 22.4 lbs. (FL) has stood for 8 decades. A bigger one was caught and released 15 yrs. ago at 25.01 lbs. (CA) but disqualified since it was foul hooked. A good start, and might want to do a deeper dive next year when the IGFA book is released (or when Luke catches a world record Snook on 5 lb. test line). Thanks, guys!

Carson Baird
1 year ago
Reply to  Rob S

Imagine foul hooking and landing a 25 lb bass.. What a ride that must have been.

Rob S
1 year ago
Reply to  Carson Baird

👍 Sure like to give it a try!

Ken Lemmond
1 year ago
Reply to  Rob S

World record largemouth bass was caught in Montgomery lake in middle Ga by a Gentleman who hailed from Brunswick, Ga. His name is George Perry.

Rob S
1 year ago
Reply to  Ken Lemmond

Correct, Ken. The story behind it . . .


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