The Biggest Fish In America! Where Each Record Fish Was Caught & How Big It Was [INFOGRAPHIC]

By: Joseph Simonds on September 1, 2015
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eric lion snook
Image Source: Instagram/ericlion_19 – Note: Eric Lion’s beast of a snook was not an America record, but certainly is worthy of making the cover!

Did you know that the biggest Bass landed in America was over 22 pounds!

And can you imagine landing a 94 pound Redfish!

biggest fish in america

Here is Shawn Warren with a Monster Redfish that shockingly is NOT the American record.

What a BEAST!

Well, this amazing infographic of the biggest fish caught on record (here in the USA) was put together by our friends over at Cabelas, and it shows the record catches of many of our country’s most popular game fish.

They also reveal the following for each game fish:

  • The city and state that the record occurred in America
  • The date that the biggest fish was caught
  • Suggested rod, reel, and lure to catch the fish

The fish I really wanted to see that didn’t make the list was the Snook. Do you know what the biggest documented Snook caught in America is?

Scroll down to the very bottom to find out.

biggest fish in america


What did you think about this “Biggest Fish In America Infographic”?

Some monster fish on there no doubt!

World Record Snook

Earlier I mentioned I would tell you the American record for the Snook…

According to, the largest American Snook on record is 44lbs, 11oz out of Florida!

Certainly a beast, but nothing compared to the World Record All Tackle Atlantic Snook at 53lbs, 10oz in Costa Rica (by Gilbert Ponzi in 1978 – see the details here at the Snook Foundation).

And just a “baby” compared to the latest World Record All Tackle Pacific Snook weighing in at 59lbs 8oz that was also caught in Costa Rica by Ward Michaels. (You can read about it here)

biggest fish in america

Ward Michaels and his world record 59lb Snook!


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