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Happy New Year!

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Should you use topwater lures in winter?

What is the upside-down popping cork rig?

How can you avoid getting skunked on an inshore fishing trip?

See these tips in this week’s newsletter, plus:

  • Best beginner boats and skiffs
  • Quick and easy way to catch snapper and grouper near bridges
  • Ultimate rig for catching lots of baitfish
  • Top 3 types of spots for winter fishing
  • Fishing world records

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The Tripletail Formula: On The Water Pro Tactics To Catch Keeper Tripletail

Do you want to catch more tripletail this year? Then you've got to see this mini-mastery course we just put together with Capt. Peter Deeks. Enjoy!
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A Year In Salt Strong: 2021 Slideshow

That's a wrap on 2021 Salt Strong Nation! Thank you to our Insider Members for posting some incredible catches in our Community...
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Best Beginner Saltwater Fishing Boats & Skiffs

What are some of the best beginner saltwater fishing boats? What are some things to look for when thinking of getting a boat?...
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BIG ANNOUNCEMENT REGARDING INNER CIRCLE CALLS!!! Inner Circle is no longer going to be at a set time every week, however, you will still have...
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Ultimate Rig For Catching Large Quantities Of Baitfish

What are the best rigs and setups for catching your own baitfish? Check out the ultimate rig for catching large quantities of baitfish...
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Explained: The Upside Down Popping Cork Rig

Do you often fish using a popping cork rig? Have you ever tried using the upside down popping cork rig? The advantages are...
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How To Avoid Getting Skunked Inshore

What are the best ways to avoid getting skunked inshore? Listen in as our coaches talk about how to avoid getting skunked inshore...
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When To Use Topwater Lures In Winter Weather Conditions

When should you be using topwater lures in winter? Are they best to use in the early morning, midday, or late evening? The answer is...
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Finding Fish 101 – Identifying and Choosing Grass Flats and Oyster Bars

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, we will be showing how to identify grass flats vs. oyster bars on satellite maps (and also which ones...
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Fishing World Records: Redfish, Trout, Snook, Flounder & More!

Do you know what some of the fishing world records are for redfish, trout, snook or other game fish in the southeast? Check this out...
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Top 3 Types Of Spots For Winter Fishing

What are the best winter fishing spots? Where will you find the most fish this time of year? The top 3 types of spots for winter fishing...
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Any 11 Lures For ONE Penny

Happy New Year Salt Strong! What better way to ring in the New Year than this unforgettable offer. For just one penny, you will get...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [December 31st to January 2nd]

See where to find the fish this New Years weekend based on the upcoming weather and tides along with the latest feeding trends.
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Quick And Easy Way To Catch Snapper And Grouper Near Bridges

What are the quickest ways to catch snapper and grouper near bridges? What is the easiest approach? To catch the most fish, you...
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