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How should you rig live shrimp on a jighead?

How can you trigger strikes from spooky fish?

What is the 90/10 Fishing Rule?

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  • Insider Reports from all Salt Strong coaches
  • Chasebaits Crusty Crab VS. Savage Gear Duratech Crab
  • Is there a SECRET way to work your lure?
  • New Year Winter Inshore Slam Report
  • Best day to go fishing!

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The BEST DAY For You To Go Saltwater Fishing (New Tool)

Wish you had a crystal ball to tell you what the best day to go fishing is? You need to check out this tool that predicts when the best fishing days are.
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How To Rig Shrimp On A Jig-Head Like A PRO (VIDEO)

Do you want to see a cool trick on how to rig a shrimp on a jighead for more strikes? Then check out Capt. Mark Johnson's new shrimp rigging tip. Enjoy!
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Finding Big Trout In New Areas [Insider Report]

I definitely did not expect THIS!!! Like with any fishing trip, it’s best to have a Plan A going into the morning. But be willing...
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Areas & Techniques To Focus On After A Cold Snap [Insider Report]

In this trip, I wanted to focus on areas that had structure and deep water nearby. This was crucial so the fish could take refuge...
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Post-Frontal Canal Fishing [Insider Report]

Winter can be a fantastic time to fish, but a heavy cold front can definitely throw your normal fishing trends for a loop! In this...
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Catching A Slam After A Winter Cold Front [Insider Report]

After a heavy cold front blew through Texas, bringing 40 mph northern winds and freezing temperatures, I knew the fish weren’t going to be in...
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Old Spots vs. Smart Spots [Insider Report Analysis]

See the Insider Report details of this fun trip to Sebastian, FL in search of big trout and snook up in the shallows.
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Murky Water Satellite Map Analysis – What To Look For [Mississippi Example]

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, we will be giving examples of what to look for when planning a trip in an area where the...
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Savage Gear Duratech Crab Lure Review

Do you want to catch more fish on crab lures? Check out this video of the new Savage Gear Duratech Crab lure review...
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Targeting Sheepshead On Foot Using Artificial Lures [Insider Report]

 It was time for revenge on the sheepshead on this week’s trip! My skiff is still in the shop getting some fiberglass work done on...
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Chasebaits Crusty Crab VS. Savage Gear Duratech Crab

Which is the King Crab?! Chasebaits Crusty Crab lure or the Savage Gear Duratech crab lure? Check out which artificial crab lure is best in...
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The Weekend Game Plan Lesson [Meetup Edition Jan 14th – 16th]

See the top game plan to use this weekend for finding the top feeding zones based on the colder temps and the latest feeding trends.
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#1 Spot To Find Fish on Cold Winter Days – Finding Fish 101

In this week’s Finding Fish Lesson, we will be giving examples of an extremely productive type of spot when you have to break out the...
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The 90/10 Fishing Rule (3 Case Studies On Finding Fish Faster)

Are you tired of wasting time trying to find fish? What if I told you that you can predict exactly where the fish will be based on...
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Is There A SECRET Way To Work Your Lure?

Is there a secret way to work your lure to catch more fish? In this episode, we talk about the secret to retrieving lures...
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