Is There A SECRET Way To Work Your Lure?


Is there a secret way to work your lures?

What techniques is the average angler missing out on?

Every lure has its own set of advantages and different ways of retrieval!

Is there a secret that applies to the way you work every type of lure?

You DO NOT want to miss this!

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The SECRET To Retrieving Lures [PODCAST]

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We covered a lot in this episode, so here is a timestamped version:

  • 2:00 – Is there a SECRET way of working different lures?
  • 4:04 – Soft Plastic Paddletail Lures
  • 12:21 – Soft Plastic Jerk Shads
  • 25:24 – Artificial Shrimp Lures
  • 29:52 – Strikes on the lure descend
  • 32:19 – Topwater Lures
  • 38:59 – Subsurface Hard Baits

The SECRET To Retrieving Lures [VIDEO]

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Every artificial lure has its own action and versatility for different scenarios for catching a variety of species.

To determine how successful a lure will perform on a given day, you have to go ahead and try different things to figure out what will induce strikes from fish.

Keep in mind how the fish are behaving as well as the weather conditions when you are choosing what lure to use!

Do you have any more questions on retrieving lures?

Let us know down in the comments!

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Douglas Smith
6 months ago

Very good discussion. Going to look at less aggressive, “impatient” 🙂 action and see what works. Thanks!

Darren Orrell
6 months ago

Great info, just moved to the water and getting ready to retire, keep it coming, Thanks
caught a 24″ redfish on a Alabama leprechaum in Fowl RIver Al. last sunday

Charles LaHay
6 months ago

Great info, thanks. Anything on spoons?

Douglas Smith
6 months ago
Reply to  Charles LaHay

I surf fish, and in my (very much novice) experience the spoons are equivalent to the suspensions they’re talking about starting around 38:00. I have never imparted any action to the spoons; just a steady retrieve. So far every strike on a spoon has happened within a couple of seconds of hitting the water. So my hypothesis is spoons work when you have a pack of predators chasing abundant baitfish. So when I’ve walked the beach I’ve looked for bluefish jumping and schools of bait fish showing up in cresting waves and tossed a 3/4″ spoon out.


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