Chesapeake Striped Bass Fishing with Shawn Kimbro

On tonight’s live stream, we’ll be talking all things Chesapeake Striped Bass Fishing with Shawn Kimbro!

Kimbro has written multiple books on striped bass fishing as well as other fishing tips and stories.

We’re so excited to bring him on the show.

Check it out below!!

Chesapeake Striped Bass Fishing [VIDEO]

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This episode features an awesome discussion on targeting striped bass in the Chesapeake area with Shawn Kimbro.

Kimbro has been fishing for striped bass for years and is a published author.

He places a heavy emphasis on ethical fishing practices keeping conservation in mind while also getting the most out of fishing.

For those down south, this is such an awesome opportunity to learn about a new fishery and you might even pick up on a tip you can apply to your local waters.

We hope you enjoy it!!

What other topics do you want to see Rich and his guests talk about and discuss in detail?

Go ahead and let us know down in the comments!!

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Antonio aka Tony Toscano
1 year ago

Great stuff, keep the live streams coming.I’m catching them on the replay.

Roger Hansen
1 year ago

Shawn, Great video! I live in Maryland too. I’ve been to a number of your seminars at the Outdoor/Fishing shows in Maryland – I always learn a lot every time I hear you. You must be the inventor of the very successful method of “snap jigging”. Do you catch many redfish snap jigging? BTW – I don’t know if you remember me – I met you on the Metro five of so years ago.

David Hagler
1 year ago

So glad you were able to get Shawn on for a conversation. I have read 2 of his books and really appreciate his insight. The Chesapeake Bay is lucky to have someone like him as an advocate. Would pay to spend the afternoon fishing with him to help me get over the hump on fishing the bay. I have not really figured it out yet, but getting better. Rich – thank you for such a well researched and professional interview. Here I have been following you on the NJ SS region and watching your YT videos and you become this big time SS coach! Well done sir.

Pat Ogletree
1 year ago

Great info in there Rich! Thanks for bringing these to us!

Gary Fick
1 year ago

Shawn is the man, have all his books

Shawn Kimbro
1 year ago
Reply to  Gary Fick

Thanks for buying my books, Gary. And for tuning in!

Alan Peltzer
1 year ago

I have crossed paths and fished beside Shawn numerous times over the years. He is a ridiculously good fisherman, has incredible enthusiasm and is true gentleman.

Gavin Lee
1 year ago

Great podcast guys! got a question for Shawn about braided line… he mentioned using 10# braid. Is that on baitcaster as well as spinning? Just wondering, I’ve heard that one should use only 20# and over for baitcasters due to backlash problems with the smaller diameter on lighter than 20# braid.

Last edited 1 year ago by Gavin Lee
Alan Peltzer
1 year ago
Reply to  Gavin Lee

I have never had problems with lighter braid on bait casters. I get fewer backlashes with braid than with flouro or mono. A lot of fishing in deeper water in the Chesapeake involves vertical jigging so you are not casting so much as dropping the lure down. Although, there are plenty of times when you cast all day. Either way light line should not be a problem. I typically use 15 lb on casting reels and 10 lb on spinning reels, but plenty of guys use 10 on everything.

Shawn Kimbro
1 year ago
Reply to  Gavin Lee

Thanks Gavin — I use a baitcaster 100% of the time when I’m jigging, going to spinning gear only when casting topwater or light spoons. I use 10-lb-test on both, the only exception is when fishing for bull reds or cobia, then I’ll move up to 20-. Thanks for watching!

Gavin Lee
1 year ago
Reply to  Shawn Kimbro

Thanks so much Shawn! I’m always casting since I’m shore based… grew up bass fishing with baitcasters. But now getting to enjoy the benefits of spinning gear and light tackle. Thank you again for your input and thanks to you all for an excellent podcast!

Mark R Johnson
1 year ago

Great podcast last night. There’s just not enough time to talk with Shawn. Just a wealth of knowledge.

Shawn Kimbro
1 year ago
Reply to  Mark R Johnson

Thoroughly enjoyed the discussion. Both Rich and Ed are so knowledgeable that it makes talking about fishing really fun. Thanks for the comment!

Rodney Rice
1 year ago

Shawn is a local legend in Maryland! I would like to hear his opinion on how the Striped Bass (LTJ: Light Tackle Jigging) fishery has changed over the years. Plus his thoughts on the Susquehanna Flats fishery in early spring and how a few light tackle guys started catch and release LTJ fishing that become so popular that Maryland had to change the regulations.

Shawn Kimbro
1 year ago
Reply to  Rodney Rice

Hi Rod — I think light tackle casting (I prefer the word casting to jigging) in the Chesapeake has come light years in the past decade. I believe that if anything, more anglers casting lures instead of bait fishing or trolling has improved the survivability of released fish. The Flats fishery was fantastic when we could do it in early Spring. I have some issues with those trolling big plugs with treble hooks above the bridge in Lapidum, but otherwise, I doubt it had much impact. Thanks for the comment!


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