Targeting Fall Striped Bass with Capt. Scotty Sevins


In today’s live stream, we are targeting striped bass in the fall with Capt. Scotty Sevins!!

Capt. Sevins is known for his ability to target striper in the backwaters and nearshore using artificial baits.

We will go deep into finding spots, tactics, lures, gear, and MORE.

Check it all out below!!

Targeting Fall Striped Bass with Capt. Scotty Sevins [VIDEO]

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We’re bringing Salt Strong to the Northeast!!!

Rich Natoli has been an Insider Member for a few years and he’s now a Salt Strong Fishing Coach.

Rich lives up in the Northeast and he’ll be covering Maryland all the way up through that region.

This episode features an informative discussion on targeting fall striped bass.

We go over everything from lures to gear to on-the-water tactics and more!

For those down south, this is such an awesome opportunity to learn about a new fishery and you might even pick up on a tip you can apply to your local waters.

We hope you enjoy it!!

What other topics do you want to see Rich and his guests talk about and discuss in detail?

Go ahead and let us know down in the comments!!

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Rick Mayo
1 year ago

Used to head to OBX late Dec. every year after ocean striper. They disappeared. Great fish; really miss fishing for those big ones.

Mark R Johnson
1 year ago

Mark from the Chesapeake Bay region. Got tired of getting spine by fish as well. Started wearing the half fingered fish gloves. If I’m targeting bluefish, I’m crushing the barbs. Makes them so much easier to release. If they are only hitting the soft plastics, I’m switching to the Zmans. I’ve also switched out the trebles for the single hooks as well. Looking forward to your weekly sessions. Thank you.

Mark R Johnson
1 year ago
Reply to  Rich Natoli

What are your thoughts on using the power prawns in the Chesapeake Bay? If you would use them, where and when would you use them? I normally don’t see shrimp around. The only shrimp I use is the grass shrimp for the yellow perch season.


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