Use THIS Retrieve To Trigger Reaction Strikes In The Winter


What is the best method for retrieving lures in winter?

Is there a technique that is far and away better than the rest?

If you want to catch more fish this winter using artificial lures, then check out how to retrieve your lures properly down below!

Learn it all here!!

Retrieving Lures In Winter

Fish Biology

One of the biggest factors in terms of tactically planning your approach to fishing in winter is fish biology.

During the winter, fish are feeling the effects of the cold weather.

They are lethargic and do not want to expend energy and chase a meal down.

Also, the fish prefer to hold in deeper water where there are more stable temperatures.

Retrieve Techniques

In the fall, you want to implement frequent pauses but maintain a steady retrieve.

As far as the winter is concerned, you want to make use of the twitch-twitch-pause retrieval method.

Try not to constantly work the lure but rather just reel in the slack after a couple of twitches.

You want the lure to twitch up and then settle back down on its own while reeling up the slack in the line.

This retrieve is typical of using an artificial shrimp lure at any time during the year.

During the winter, you should make use of the twitch-twitch-pause method for all of your artificial lures from paddletails to shrimp lures to jerk baits.

The twitch-twitch-pause retrieve simulates a baitfish that is cold-stunned or injured.

Meanwhile, the fish holding at the bottom will see that and as the lure is falling down to them, they cannot help but strike the lure.

You can also still cover plenty of ground using this slightly slower retrieve technique.

Additionally, this retrieve is best suited for creek mouths or areas between sand bars where fish are holding in deeper water.

Retrieving Lures In Winter [VIDEO]

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trout on topwater lure

How anglers present lures differ by the seasons and it is highly dependent upon fish biology and behaviors.

Just as we are a bit more lethargic in colder weather, so are the fish and they don’t want to expend energy they don’t have to.

Be sure to utilize the twitch-twitch-pause method next time you hit the water!!

Do you have any more questions on retrieving lures in the winter?

Let me know down in the comments!

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A Rollins
3 months ago

The baits are normally smaller, and predatory fish digestion is slower this time of year.
As a rule of thumb, shouldn’t we be using smaller baits this time of year?
And how small is small…3″ or 4″ baits?

Steven Free
4 months ago

Yea you pretty much nailed it the only other thing I would add would be to say if this retrieve is not working then maybe the retrieve needs to be slowed down a little bit more although a twitch twitch pause retrieve is great for winter fishing sometimes it’s done to fast especially when the water is below 60 degrees at least that’s what I have found in all the reports I have read from magazines to newspapers they all say if you think your fishing slow then slow it down some more sometimes a crawl can even be to fast thanks for the report and all you do😉👍

Garrett Trotman
4 months ago

Interested in your thoughts on how big of a twitch is too much or too little, too small of a twitch and they dont recognize it or too big of I twitch that it spooks the fish off.

Luke Simonds
4 months ago

Great tips! The twitch, twitch, pause sequence sure is tough to beat in the winter months.

Rob S
4 months ago

Good tips! You mention two applications for fishing twitch, twitch, pause method during the winter months. When those conditions are not present, what retrieval method do you fall back to given that fish are probably still lethargic (e.g., slow steady retrieve)?

Tammi Morrisette
4 months ago

Do you ever fish with corkys? If so, do you use the same twitch-twitch-pause method in winter? Good stuff as always! #whiteclawwyatt


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