How To Trigger Strikes From Spooky Fish


How can you increase strikes from spooked fish?

If the fish are finicky and skittish, what techniques can you utilize to trigger strikes?

There are so many little nuances and tricks you can use to catch those spooky fish!

What factors come into play that scare fish off and how can you improve that to increase strikes?

We’ve got it all covered below!

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How To Catch Spooky Fish [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version:

  • 3:51 – Challenges of sight fishing for finicky fish
  • 7:18 – Changes you can make to your line or lures
  • 8:26 – Dirty Deeks Leader Trick & leader options
  • 12:20 – Effect of different pound tests of monofilament
  • 15:07 – How to choose the proper line & leader
  • 16:19 – Importance of your fishing knots
  • 16:48 – Fishing in deeper water
  • 19:16 – Retrieval techniques
  • 26:25 – How long should you focus on ONE fish or a school of fish?
  • 32:03 – Does the color of your line have an impact on finicky fish?
  • 33:37 – Live bait VS. artificial lures
  • 37:41 – Tackle selection and lures
  • 41:04 – Slam Shady Jerk Shad
  • 44:29 – Stealth of wade fishing

How To Catch Spooky Fish [VIDEO]

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trigger strikes from spooky fish

Especially during the colder months, fish can be skittish and easily spooked off by you, your lure, or even their own shadow!

Be sure to utilize as much stealth as you can and equip yourself with the proper gear to catch these spooky fish this time of the year.

Keep in mind that further casts will benefit you than shorter casts because if you can see a fish, odds are it can see you too!!

Do you have any more questions on how to catch spooky fish?

Let us know down in the comments!

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A Rollins
6 months ago

I didn’t think you all gave enough time or information on downsizing baits.

Alan Barber
6 months ago

Great discussion , thank you. About the vibration of line in the water , the noise of the braid through the rod runners is something to think about also . Have someone hold your rod in the backyard at home and pull out ,say 60 feet of the braid and then go down toward the end and hold the braid against your ear while the person on the rod reels in slowly and the noise is considerable. This sound must travel through the water as we are retrieving . Do the same with mono and the noise is greatly reduced. If you can point your rod at the lure as you retrieve thereby reducing the angle of the line at the rod tip can make less unwanted sound at the lure . Easier said than done of course , but worth thinking about .

Tammi Morrisette
6 months ago

Just yesterday I caught 2 mid slot reds on bright pink 20# braid. :oD

6 months ago

This discussion was so interesting to hear you guys discover new tactics and presentations. As this old dog has changed so may ways in my fishing over the past decades. These discussed today are those we applied in the 70’s,80’s and early 90’s when fishing the giant bonefish (sure miss them) in Islamorada’s super shallow and gin clear water. Although not Trout, Redfish and Snook, just times the degree of difficulty by 50 when fishing those VERY spooky monsters of yesteryear. I am a firm believer that braid creates a vibration in the water since witnessing what appears to a “electrical shield “ that I have seen bonefish swim up to, turn, swim parallel to the braid and then turn off. For this reason I still use 8# mono with a Bimini to hook for bonefish. Also we had to manage inside boat noise, boat hull pressure, hull slap, low profile (wading), wore light blue shirts, no floppy hats etc… and oh yeah, low flying cormorants LOL. Keep up the good work and thank you teaching this old dog new ideas and thoughts.

James L Grier
6 months ago

Wat about no leader ,if you use a leader you
Have more knots and different line diameter to send off vibration.

Charles LaHay
6 months ago

Thanks for this. It never gets old listening to this team and learning something that can be implemented and makes one want to go fishing right now.

I have moved to 8 pound j-braid grand and 12 pound mono leader. Casting further, less wind knots, same big fish. Will test the 5 pound braid, makes sense.


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