Fishing Theme Park [UPDATE]



If you aren’t aware, part of our mission for 2025 is to establish and open a Family-Focused Fishing Theme Park!

It’s something that we think about every day but not something we get to speak about very often.

We are still some ways out but have been slowly putting together the pieces to bring our dream to fruition.

Learn more below!!

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Fishing Theme Park UPDATE [PODCAST]

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Below is a timestamped version of this episode:

  • 2:00 – Fishing Family Theme Park
  • 3:00 – What we mean by “Theme Park”
  • 4:00 – Other Activities/Events
  • 6:00 – Additional Visions & Ideas
  • 6:33 – Fishing Tournament
  • 6:54 – Involving the Entire Family in Outdoor Activities
  • 8:55 – We’ve Picked Out The Property
  • 10:25 – Salt Strong/Fish Strong Physical Tackle Stores

Fishing Theme Park UPDATE [VIDEO]

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kids fishing

Exciting things are in store for the future of Salt Strong!

Physical tackle stores to family-focused fishing theme parks are coming sooner rather than later!!

Please leave any feedback or questions down in the comments section!

We would love to get a conversation going.

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Allen Ayers
7 months ago

very exciting, I live in the Winter Haven area so if I can help you boys out in any way just let me know. My wife and I have been doing construction for 30 years and are looking for a life change so if we can be a part of your vision please, God bless you both

7 months ago

Just don’t do like one of the Big Bass stores has done. They used to be great, had great selections and prices and all of a sudden the way charge too dollars for everything they sell.

Neal Hagood
7 months ago

Hi Guys!
Grand ideas and plans coming towards fruition – That’s Awesome!
Something that jumped out at me at the 2:00ish mark was the mention of airboats. That is such a big red flag for me! Here in Texas – middle coast, those airboats create SO much noise/So Loud as to be a nuisance to visitors/fisherfolk for miles. Just a consideration for y’all to weigh into the plans. (Add it to the thousands of other considerations! 😉 )
My second batch of thoughts are about (an elephant in the room, I know!) hurricane protection/plans/insurance for the Theme Park / Aquarium etc. The park is a BIG investment for sure! Not asking for or expecting a response. Just putting it out there.
Thank you for creating the SaltStrong Nation and providing an open forum for us all to be able to pitch in our thoughts & ideas!

7 months ago

Something important and devastating to saltwater sport fishing is going on the the VA waters of the Chesapeake. Please check out the saga on Facebook at Menhaden – Little Fish, Big Deal. I would appreciate your feedback and any thoughts on how you might be able to help.
All the best!

Jerid Brown
7 months ago

I would be interested in having/running a FishStrong tackle store in the Houston/Galveston area.

Jerad Ison
7 months ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

I’d be interested in the tackle store as well in the FL. Panhandle area.

Rob S
7 months ago

Exciting ideas, Joe & Luke. One thought concerning tackle shops … integrating education (including resource conservation), technology, and entertainment with tackle gear. Not too different from what you’re doing online except it would be more hands on. Take a quick glance at BigShots Golf as it may trigger some concepts that might carryover to what you guys are thinking … Tracking casting ability on radar to compete in “tournaments”, and any winnings converted into personal training with SS coach or maybe to apply to trips with affiliated guides.

I also think about how NASCAR has developed simulators that now help better train drivers. Of course these are extremely expensive but maybe creating a “range” where anglers gain casting experience and other learning experiences. Having the SS team thinking about what has made the large big box outdoor stores successful is worth a discussion … consider a diverse revenue stream while keeping the stores relative small. No need to create head to head competition with the big boys.

I like your idea of starting with one, fine tuning through continuous improvement, and then replicating in other locations. A smart business strategy.

You’ve got a lot on your plate but so long as it stays fun for you and your staff. SS should continue to thrive. Just don’t get overextended with debt as it accentuates the upside but also the downside too. Stay Strong!!

Randall Phelps
7 months ago

That sounds great. I would like to be involved.

Michael Long
7 months ago

If you need Fishing Themed food there I can be your chef!…. huntfishchef,com

Michael Long
7 months ago
Reply to  Joseph Simonds

Sir, When the time comes save my email: I can fish a fair bit too…be cool to do a wild catch menu !!

Anthony Bishop
7 months ago

That sounds so amazing! And I’ll be able to say ah I knew them when!

Stuart Kidder
7 months ago

I cant wait to see what God had in store for you guys. The Fishing Theme park has been a goal of yours for years, and I can’t wait to see it to conclusion!


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