Flounder & Fluke Fishing Tips, Rigs, & Stories With John Skinner


We’ve got John Skinner on the podcast today talking flounder and fluke fishing tips!

Flounder, or Fluke as they are called up North, are flat fish that cruise the bottom of the ocean in search of food scraps or crustaceans they can eat.

There are different tactics and lures to use to specifically target Fluke, especially during the summer months.

If you want to catch more keeper Fluke this summer, then you have to listen to this episode!

We’ve got you covered below!!!

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Flounder & Fluke Fishing Tips [PODCAST]

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Here is a timestamped version of this EPIC episode:

  • 1:30 – Flounder & Fluke Fishing with John Skinner
  • 3:13 – Insider Community Question
  • 4:24 – Northeast Summer Fluke (Flounder)
  • 6:09 – Seasonal progression
  • 7:13 – Depths
  • 8:26 – Gulf Coast Flounder
  • 11:58 – Main Differences Between Flounder/Fluke Species
  • 13:41 – How To Choose Fluke Fishing Spots
  • 16:42 – Go-To Confidence Lure for Fluke
  • 18:35 – Artificial Shrimp Lures
  • 20:19 – Power Prawn U.S.A. + Dr. Juice Scent
  • 21:21 – Scented VS. Unscented Lures
  • 23:11 – Artificial Lures
  • 27:43 – Snap Jigging
  • 29:54 – Trolling Motors
  • 32:23 – Weather Conditions
  • 33:56 – What do you do on Tough Fishing Days?
  • 40:06 – Memorable Fishing Story
  • 42:52 – Favorite Florida Species to Target
  • 45:09 – Fishing Courses & Books

Flounder & Fluke Fishing Tips [VIDEO]

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catch big fluke

Now is an EXCELLENT time of year to start targeting Fluke up in the Northeast!

The oceans are starting to heat up and those doormat Fluke are creeping into the bays and sounds.

To learn more about John Skinner, check him out on his YouTube channel.

Or you can check out his Fluke, Striped Bass, and Bucktail Jig Mastery Courses!

Do you have any more questions about flounder and fluke fishing tips?

Let us know what you think down below!

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Pat Ogletree
8 months ago

So much great info in here!

Rod Rice
8 months ago

Joe and John, glad you were able to make it happen!
Awesome interview.

Thanks, Fishing-Rod Rice

Daniel Rutherford
8 months ago

Curious about the water quality over the years in his region

Andrew Hinshaw
8 months ago

Listened to the pod cast. Awesome interview. Great to hear about bucktails and flounder from the Mr. Miyagi of bucktailing. Any chances of a Salt Strong bucktail lure??? Even better if it was a weedless bucktail – don’t see those everywhere. Either way, loved the information!


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