Fluke Fishing Mastery (With John Skinner)


It’s fluke time!

Aka flounder…

Aka summer flounder…

Aka one of the most delicious fish out there!

We’ve got big news today…

But before we talk about that, we’ve got John Skinner back on the podcast!

John Skinner is the fluke master and Steven Spielberg of underwater fish filming.

He’s got hours of filming fluke and how they actually respond to different lures in their natural habitat, and he’s used that footage to refine his fluke catching techniques.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why he never uses live bait (but still outfishes his friends)
  • How he uses Navionics and Google Earth to find the feeding zones
  • The two most important concepts for catching fluke
  • How he caught 91 fluke in a spot he’d never fished before
  • The most common rigging mistakes people make

John is so skilled at catching fluke that people have been asking him for years to put together a course…

He has a few books on catching fluke, but nothing with instructional videos where you can personally ask John questions about catching fluke.

Until now…

Now you can get Fluke Mastery, a comprehensive and interactive video course from the legend John Skinner himself!

Since we’re just launching this today, you can get it on John’s personal Salt Strong page SaltStrong.com/Skinner.

And if you haven’t heard of John or seen any of his videos, listen to the podcast for some awesome fluke catching tips, watch some of his videos below, and then check out Fluke Mastery.

You can listen to the podcast by clicking the play button below, or on iTunes or Stitcher.

How To Master Fluke Fishing [PODCAST]

fish strong podcast

stitcher fish strong podcast

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Incredible Underwater Fluke Behavior [VIDEO]

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Large Gulp For Big Fluke [VIDEO]

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What did you think?

Ready to go out and catch some big fluke?!

You can check out Fluke Mastery with John Skinner on his personal Salt Strong page at SaltStrong.com/Skinner and get his course on sale now!

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Attention Fluke Anglers

Are you catching limits of fluke every time you go out? If not, check out Fluke Mastery where you’ll learn fluke secrets the pros use to:

  • Bring home limits of fluke
  • Catch doormat fluke when everyone else is catching shorts
  • Outfish their friends
  • Make memories on the water with their families.

Click Here To Learn More.

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