Bucktail vs. Berkley Gulp In Some Of The Most Amazing Underwater Flounder Footage!

By: Joseph Simonds on January 3, 2017
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bucktail vs berkley gulp flounder fishing

If there was ever a doubt that Berkley Gulp products didn’t work, this video should shatter any doubts.

In fact, even though John Skinner is not paid by Berkley to do this footage, this video is probably one of the best Berkley Gulp commercials for catching flounder yet.

Check out his latest footage showing how a Gulp bait works compared to the popular white bucktail jig.

Note: If you didn’t see flounder/fluke expert John Skinner’s video that practically shut our site down last year, make sure to watch that one as well: click here to watch it.

flounder fishing

Great screenshot of a flounder/fluke going after a bucktail

It was also cool to hear John say that this video was one of his favorites and most educational yet in terms of catching more flounder (aka summer flounder, aka fluke).

Here are three flounder tip takeaways from the video:

  1. Berkley Gulp Alive scented baits work! Even though this Gulp Squido was meant for jigging, it was even able to attract tons of bites while slow trolling
  2. Set the hook as soon as you feel a flounder hitting your bait. It is evident that even if you miss it, the flounder will most likely come back to hit it again (or one of his friends will)
  3. Flounder will be attracted to anything that is popping off the bottom (as you can see in the beginning with the flounder being attracted to the bucktail over the Gulp), so make sure to have some action in your presentation.

Note: The Berkley Gulp product in the video is the Berkley Gulp Squidoo (see it here on Amazon)

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Pretty amazing footage huh!

And when America’s flounder/fluke expert John Skinner says it was one of his best videos ever made, then you know it’s good!

Definitely confirms what I believed to be true regarding Berkley Gulp baits.


fluke fishing tips

Two flounder going after a Berkley Gulp bait

Fact: Berkley Gulp baits work.

Of course, they also aren’t cheap, but then again, fishing isn’t cheap.

It was cool to see just how much these summer flounder (aka fluke) wanted these Gulp baits.

The big takeaway I had from this video was to keep bouncing the lure off the bottom and don’t be afraid to set the hook quick.

To see John Skinner’s book, “Fishing For Summer Flounder” on Amazon, click here now.

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1 year ago

Do you tie the bucktail above or below the gulp bait?

Vaughn Hatley
1 year ago

Awesome footage, thanks for sharing!

Peter Waskiewicz
3 years ago

I enjoy all of John Skinner’s videos! He is an awesome fisherman, well respected & full of fishing knowledge . From flounder, stripers, tautog (blackfish), weakfish & and many more. Fish On ?

Kat Armstrong
3 years ago

Great information and so cool to watch! I went through a lot of John Skinners videos when I started learning the ‘How to’. I love Flounder!!

Robert Dillard
3 years ago

It’s so amazing to watch the different reactions to both baits!

3 years ago

Awesome video. Who knew they would hang on so long.