These Flounder Fishing Tips Could Be The Best Ever (With John Skinner)

By: Joseph Simonds on May 9, 2018
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It’s flounder time (aka fluke, aka summer flounder, aka Doormat).

And we brought on one of the most nation’s foremost flounder experts to reveal his best flounder fishing tips…

John Skinner.

If you haven’t heard of John Skinner, he’s a popular fishing author, a well-known fluke fisherman, and he has one of the most watched YouTube channels on catching flounder on the Internet.

What makes his flounder videos so great is that he is incredibly scientific when it comes to catching flounder.

He’s not just “guessing” on what’s working, he’s actually filming lures and baits underwater, watching hours and hours of footage to discover what is really working down there in the flounder’s world, and then publishing his findings for us.

Every fisherman who targets flounder has a lot to thank John for as he’s certainly shortened up the learning curve for many of us.

And the really great news is that he agreed to join us on our most recent Fish Strong podcast episode to discuss some of his best flounder tips and techniques.

Plus we included some of his top videos below so that you can see the following from this one flounder fishing tips post:

  1. How To Tie & Fish A Flounder Rig [Video]
  2. How To Catch Flounder Like A Pro [Podcast]
  3. Incredible Underwater Founder Strikes [Video]
  4. How To Catch Flounder From Shore With Bucktails[Video]
  5. How To Catch Flounder From The Beach [Video]
  6. Dock & Pier Fishing For Flounder [Video]

Be sure to check out the brand new interview and some of his best flounder fishing videos below.

Click here to learn more about John Skinner’s book, “Fishing For Summer Flounder.”

How To Tie & Fish A Flounder Rig

Here’s video #1 from John Skinner’s YouTube page (click here to see all of John Skinner’s flounder videos) where he shows his best flounder fishing rig and technique.

Enjoy and make sure to check out the interview and other videos below after you watch this one.

How To Catch Flounder Like A Pro

(Exclusive Interview With John Skinner)

What an amazing podcast interview with John Skinner!

Click either play button below to listen to the podcast here on this site.

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Or click either button below to go directly to iTunes or Stitcher to download the episode.

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Incredible Underwater Flounder Strikes

Here’s video #2 from John Skinner’s YouTube page where he shows exactly how aggressive these flounder/fluke are when striking baits.

How To Catch Flounder From Shore With Bucktails & Gulp Baits

Here’s video #3 from John Skinner’s YouTube page.

In this video, John shows how he catches flounder from shore with his favorite bucktail rigged with a Berkley Gulp bait.

How To Catch Flounder From The Beach (7.8lb Surf Flounder)!

Here’s video #4 from John Skinner’s YouTube page.

In this video, he shows exactly how he catching big flounder from the beach.

Note: this is the same flounder that made the cover of his book, Summer Flounder.

Dock & Pier Fishing For Flounder

Here’s video #5 from John Skinner’s YouTube page.

In this video, he shows exactly how he catching flounder from docks and piers.

Any questions about catching flounder?

Let us know below in the comments.


Make sure to pick up a copy of John Skinner’s Summer Flounder book here.

Here is a link to see all of the John Skinner custom bucktail jigs.

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P.S. – To see all of the past podcast episodes, click here now.

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Richard Fiorentino

I don’t fluke fish. I noticed that every fish was caught on the lower hook ( bucktail) . what is the purpose of the lure on the drop loop?


Great stuff! Is there any of that action taking place in fla or is it all out of state? I’ve fished fla east coast all my life (I’m 60). Caught 1000’s of snook,trout,tarpon etc….but now I want to mainly focus on flounder. Recently moved to tarpon springs and these flounder are stumping me.
I’ll be watching…maybe even join lol
Keep up the good stuff!

Lara DeLorenzo-Sims

John Skinner is The Man when it comes to fluking. Any chance of an Insider discount on his jigs or book? Thank you.

John Worrell

Fascinating and beyond educational.

Joseph Schmidt

I have been following John and his videos for several years. He IS THE FOUNDER MAN!
Thank you for featuring his excellent work.

Kevin Steinke

Best podcast ever! Thank you.

John Simkunas

Thank you Luke & Joe! John Skinner is awesome! Just happened to buy two his bait casting outfits from JT Tackle!,
Good job man!!

David Ulgenalp

Great videos and explanations of tackle and techniques. I can’t wait to get out and give this rig a try on the gulf beaches.

Luke Simonds

Thanks David! I hope you catch some great flounder out on the beaches.

Desiree Beltre

Awesome!!!! I love the tandom rig!!

Charles D. Roberts

Is there a “best” time of day to beach fish for fluke?

Pete Rosko

I cannot offer a valid opinion on fishing for flatfish from shore. But, I think I can when it comes to vertical jigging from a boat. Whether jigging for halibut, fluke. flounder or any other flatfish, the flash and vibration of a metal jig on the fall will out-fish any other technique, including live bait in most situations. This is based on almost 40 years of fishing for flatfish in Pacific, Atlantic and Gulf waters, many of them as a licensed guide. The Luhr Jensen Crippled Herring (manufactured by Rapala) and the Kandlefish (manufactured by Wahoo Fishing Products) are two deadly examples. Thank you for the opportunity of sharing my flatfish experiences. Capt Pete

Luke Simonds

Thanks for sharing your flounder fishing tips Capt Pete!

Bob Chilson

J&H and Direct Tackle are both great stores and have very knowledgeable employees and fishing accessory vendors and friends.

Al Ott

Great videos wish i had them years ago when i still lived on Long Island. The question is now where do you fish for fluke from shore in Central Florida?