Epic Redfish Double-Up Even With Airboats Buzzing The Flat!

An Insider Member and I got into an EPIC Redfish Double-Up even with airboats buzzing the flat! Typically, that would be a quick and easy...
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The 2 Most Important Factors When Targeting Redfish In Winter

These are the 2 MOST important factors when targeting redfish in winter! Are you struggling to catch redfish right now?!...
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Speckled Trout ON-DEMAND (Winter Edition)

This is Speckled Trout ON-DEMAND (Winter Edition)! Want to know where to find loads of speckled trout in the colder months? Then listen in...
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Finding Finicky Trout In Between Fronts This Winter

Getting into a steady speckled trout bite is a bit tough right now. Weather patterns are changing with fronts becoming more frequent. These fish are...
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Advanced Wintertime Strategies To Reel In More Speckled Trout

If you're not employing these wintertime strategies to reel in more speckled trout, then you won't get the bites you're after. The truth is...
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Lazy Man’s Way To Redfish (SEMINAR)

Here's the Lazy Man's Way To Redfish!!! What's better than the SLAM and FIGHT from a monster bull redfish? Can't think of anything?...
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The Insider Fast-Track To Catching Endless Flounder

Doormats are right around the corner!! Winter is going to be here before we know it and the flounder are making their way toward creeks...
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Finding Flounder The Easy Way

THIS is finding flounder the easy way!!! As the weather cools off, it gets easier to find flounder. With the right rig in the right spots...
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Shrimp Lures VS. Live Pinfish: Shocking Results!

Shrimp lures VS. Live Pinfish - who wins??? We definitely weren't expecting this. Check out the full trip report below!!...
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How To Catch Inshore Mangrove Snapper With Artificial Lures

Thinking you have to run offshore to get into keeper snapper? Think again… Not only can you catch keeper snapper inshore, but all you need...
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Top 3 Deadly Flats Fishing Mistakes In Shallow Water

Are you making any of these 3 Flats Fishing MISTAKES in shallow water??? It's likely been costing you fish this fall and definitely will...
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Expert Tips For Locating Redfish ANYWHERE

Closely follow these expert tips for locating redfish ANYWHERE! Capt. Ryan Rickard is a Bassmaster Redfish Cup Champion so he knows a thing or two...
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GATOR TROUT (in the Fall)

If you want to catch a big gator trout (aka a huge speckled trout) this fall/winter, then you've got to hear this interview with...
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Season By Season Flounder Migration Patterns

Season by season, flounder migration and behavior patterns shift. Depending on the time of year, flounder stage in different areas and bodies of water. But...
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How To Catch More Flounder In The Marshes [Clues, Tricks, & MORE]

What do you need to do to catch more flounder in the marshes? How should you specifically target these fish? Let's dive into the basics...
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