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It’s newsletter time!!

Winter is in full swing for most of us and the fish have moved back towards their winter homes.

Here are some types of areas where you can find fish over these next few months:

  • Backwater creeks
  • Rivers
  • Docks
  • Residential Canals
  • Seawalls

And remember to slow down your retrieve as the fish are more lethargic in colder water.

For more specific tips and videos on how to catch fish this week, check out the articles in this week’s newsletter below.

P.S. Huge shoutout to Insider member, Marcos, for putting his wife on the big red pictured above!

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This Is The Easiest Sign Of A Good Feeding Zone During The Winter Months

This report highlights a trusted sign of a good feeding zone that is the easiest to spot from a distance during the winter months.
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How Bottom Composition Can Help You Find Fish In the Winter [Insider Report]

In this trip report you will find a great example of how different types of bottom will or will not hold fish during the colder...
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These Flounder Fishing Tips Could Be The Best Ever!!!

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Best Shark Fishing Rig, Baits & Chum Tips (For Inshore Sharks)

Want to catch more inshore sharks? Check out this video where we'll show you the best rigs, baits, and chum tips for shark fishing.
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Spot Dissection: Fishing Residential Canals During Colder Weather [Jacksonville Beach, FL Example]

In this Spot Dissection, we will be discussing what to look for when fishing residential canals during colder months. Always keep in mind that these...
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Cut Bait vs. Artifical Lures: Sightfishing For Bull Redfish

Want to catch more bull redfish? In this video I'm going to show you the best way to catch them on both artificial lures and cut bait, and the subtle...
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2 Steps To Tying Your Boat To A Mooring Buoy (The Quick & Easy Way)

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New Hack For Rigging Z-Man Lures On Owner TwistLock Hooks

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Overcoming Anxiety Attacks & Depression…

If you or a loved one has ever struggled with high anxiety, full-on anxiety attacks, or bouts with depression, then you definitely need to hear this...
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Z-Man: Mark Zona On Life, Liberty, & The Pursuit Of Big Fish

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Catch, Cook, Rinse, Repeat with Capt. Moe Newman

What an inspiration! In this podcast we're talking inshore vs. offshore fishing, "limiting out," being a woman in the fishing industry and much more.
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