New Hack For Rigging Z-Man Lures On Owner TwistLock Hooks

By: Tony Acevedo on December 6, 2019
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zman owner twistlock hook rigging tip

It’s rigging time!

We’ve received a lot of questions about how to rig Z-Man lures on Owner TwistLock hooks because the stretchy material makes it hard to get the spring in…

We’ve covered it before (check out this article), but I recently discovered a new way to rig these that uses their stretchiness to your advantage.

I’ve been experimenting with it recently and it’s really quick and easy!

Want to see how it’s done?

Check out the video below.

Z-Man Rigging Hack For Owner TwistLock Hooks [VIDEO]

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Isn’t that awesome?

All you do is take off the spring, rig the lure like you normally would on a weighted swimbait hook, slide the weight up the shank of the hook to keep the lure from sliding down and squeeze the weight to keep it in place.

Have any questions about rigging Z-Man lures?

Let me know in the comments!

And if you know someone who is struggling to rig these lures, please TAG or SHARE this with them!

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Dave DerBedrosian
Dave DerBedrosian
6 months ago

Great tip to use up the weighted hooks for the 3” baits. I swear by the Texas Eye jigs in 3/8 oz for the 4”! They are perfect weight and the pivot holds the bait and the head action makes the bait just dance. 1/8 oz seems too light for a Z-man. Thanks for the video Tony.

Robert Bulla
6 months ago

Awesome tip Tony !!!!

Pat Ogletree
6 months ago

I’ve all but given up with rigging Zman on OTL’s but this will definitely help. Thanks for the tip.

Gary Rankel
7 months ago

Hey Tony……..I prefer the chinlock / grippin hooks because having the weight further back makes for a more natural horizontal profile, but your tip is a great one since I have lots of twistlock hooks that I don’t use anymore since I just fish with Zman plastics. Just wondering if you prefer this new rigging tip with Zman products over your old one where use the twistock after first creating an entry groove?