How To Rig Z-Man Lures For More Strikes


Here’s a question that comes up often:

Why do Z-Man lures seem to have different action than other soft plastics, such as those made by DOA and Gulp?

The answer:

Z-Man lures are more buoyant than other soft plastics.

They’re made out of a different, more elastic, and less dense material.

This affects how they move through the water, which should affect how you should rig them.

Want to see how I like to rig Z-Man lures to catch more fish?

Check out the video below!

Secret Z-Man Rigging Tip [VIDEO]

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Are you going to be rigging Z-Man lures differently now?

Have any other questions about Z-Man lures?

Let me know in the comments below!

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11 months ago

Testing fishing ZMan Curly Tails and Paddletails using a Carolina Rig. I want the plastic to suspend above the bottom at around 6-12 inches and when I retrieve the bait should dart down then slowly rise. I’m targeting bottom dwelling fish that hide in the mud and sand. Weedless 4/0 hooks with no weight. Seems to do what I want just wanted to get your thoughts on the rig. Trying something new instead of Texas rigging them. Also thought it would be a good rig for trolling plastics and keeping out the weed. Thx

Richard Doane
1 year ago

What have U found to be the best length paddle tail?

Richard Doane
1 year ago

Great tip

A. Rollins
1 year ago

The Z-Man soft plastics should come with a warning label. Caution: Contents may melt when removed from container. It’s very unfortunate the ElaZtec plastic reacts on contact with other plastics.

Gary Rankel
1 year ago

Hey Tony…….most of the time I’m fishing in 2-3 feet of water with a weedy bottom, so I prefer the lighter weight with the ZMan. The slower the sink rate, the better.

Steven Free
1 year ago

Wow I never thought of that because even though I have some z-man baits I never really used them that much but I have been starting to more I like a lot of there colors that are a great fit to the dark waters I fish here in the Jax st Aug area thanks for the info and as usual all you do????

Dave Otte
1 year ago

Tony, this is what we need! Short and sweet and catch more fish. These little tips are rich information. You are awesome and you’re really helping us have more fun. Thank you so much!!

John Purdue
1 year ago

Good info

Thomas Brotzman
1 year ago

Heck yeah. Great video Tony. I have noticed a difference especially when trying to hug the bottom. Same weight had to fish the Zman way slower to stay down. Will change that immediately. Never thought about buoyancy until you said it. Thanks. Salt Strong.


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