Weekly News: 8-18-19

Cut Bait Tactics for Giant Reds [Tips and Tactics + Map Analysis for Finding the Best Spots]

In this report you will find some great tips for targeting redfish on the flats using cut bait. The following video will include tips and...
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How To Maximize Results Using Live Shrimp Inshore [Insider Report]

Live shrimp can be great baits, but many anglers struggle with knowing what type of spots & rigs to foucs on.This report answers those questions and more.
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How Often Should You Change Out Your Gulp Baits? (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered how often you should change out your Gulp baits? We've got the answer for you! Watch this video to see exactly when you should...
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9 Reasons Fishing Is Good For Your Health (According To Science)

Sure, fishing is incredibly fun, but did you know that it is actually good for your health? Here are 9 reasons why fishing is good for you. #1 Fishing...
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Soft Plastic Jerk Baits Mini-Course [Tips and Tactics for Rigging and Retrieving]

It’s Jerk Bait time! Or should I say “Stick-Bait” time? Soft plastic jerk baits and other “stick-style” baits are awesome lures to throw year-round, and...
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How To Catch Bull Redfish (With Cut Bait)

Want to catch more bull redfish? In this article we'll outline the best ways to catch bull redfish without spending hours looking for them.
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Marty Zoffinger: The Amazing Story Of A Kayaker Who Never Gave Up

Wish you could quit your job and live on a boat? Then you need to check out this interview with Marty Zoffinger! He shares how he did just that and much...
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How To Rig Z-Man Lures For More Strikes

Do you use ZMan lures? Are you rigging them just like any other soft plastic? If you are, then you might be missing out on a lot of fish. Here's why...
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Spot Dissection: Atlantic Coastal Marsh Areas [Bulls Bay, SC]

In this Spot Dissection, I will be analyzing some coastal marsh areas near Bulls Bay, SC. Always keep in mind that these spot dissections can...
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