How Often Should You Change Out Your Gulp Baits? (VIDEO)


It’s Gulp time!

Here’s the deal: Gulp baits are some of my favorite lures to catch fish with.

Between the action in the water and (most importantly) the scent they give off, they’re nearly irresistible to snook, redfish, trout, flounder and other inshore fish.

But on the flip side, they can be expensive over time (especially if you don’t take care of them properly).

So here’s a question we often get:

How often should I change out, or recharge my Gulp baits?

Put another way, how long does a Gulp lure give off its tantalizing scent?

Since the scent is what really makes the fish go wild, this is a really important question.

Check out the video below for the answer!

How Often Should You Recharge Gulp Baits? [VIDEO]

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Here’s a link to see details on the waterproof container shown in this video.

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The Gulp jerk shad in action!

Have you found a set time or amount of casts where you find that the bite gets worse when using Gulp products?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Jeff Copeland
3 months ago

Dad lives on the water and he leaves his gulp baited on his hook and on the line every day. He drops it in liquid stored in one of those little 8 oz gatorade bottles. The wide mouth of the bottle allows the entire bait with hook to drop in.

Bennie Thomas
1 year ago

One thing I learned, is if you get the juice on a white boat seat, hurry up and wipe it off. I got some on my seats, and it took alot of washing to get it removed.

1 year ago
Reply to  Bennie Thomas

Salmon colored definitely stains

Stuart Secler
1 year ago

I use a twist lock 90% of the time on my jerk shads and shrimp and will never switch them out until I’m done fishing for the day. I just always have a problem the next time I fish with the one I took off from the prior outing.

Jim Esher
1 year ago

I use a round lock & lock container filled with recharge to store them in . I use the same bait until its falling off the hook or has the tail chewed off. I keep a small plastic coffee can with some recharge in it and just re-dunk my entire piece every 15 minutes

Andy Williams
1 year ago

Luke I use them until they are too shot to keep them on the hook. I will put them back in the juice if they are in good condition when I switch lures or the end of the day. I have a question, I mix the jerk baits, shrimp and crab gulp in one container, are all the scents the same? Also if I leave them in the container for a while the juice turns dark brown. Do you think they will still work well in this condition?

Jim Esher
1 year ago
Reply to  Andy Williams

The brown juice seems to be fine (I’ve had mine for a few years and it works fine). When you buy it some packs are clear and some are brown. I think its thew dyes from the different colors that bleed. Brown and clear seem to work fine

Andy Williams
1 year ago
Reply to  Andy Williams

Thanks Luke, I always appreciate your advice!

John Martin
1 year ago

Wonder if the flavours of Gulp bait on my Lovesick Lake in the Kawarthas Ontario Canada is the same flavour in my winter home in Englewood Florida 34223 stories ?
Best Regards
John Martin

Raleigh Thomas
1 year ago

My experience is pretty much the same as William below… they get shredded before the scent is ‘used up’. I use mainly the Gulp shrimp. The pinfish and blowfish usually cut the back half off, at which point I can keep using it for Redfish or Whiting ( wintertime secret bait, pieces of Gulp ) dead on the bottom like a chunk of shrimp, of take the chunk off and put it back in the container for pinfish bait in small pieces later. I use the factory screw-top tub, but carry all my stuff in a 5 gal bucket, with the tub flat on the very bottom, to minimize any spills. I should get one of those screw-top Plano tubs, they look really good. If somehow Z-Man and Gulp merged technologies, the skies would part and the Angels would sing! They would OWN the soft plastic market.

1 year ago

Looks like this isn’t a unique comment, but unless I’m done for the day, the fish take these darn things off the hook, not me. The only Gulp I fish with now is the 3 inch shrimp in the late fall, winter and early spring. Just too expensive.

William Brixon
1 year ago

My experience with gulp baits is that long before they give up their scent the fish have destroyed them. Still there’s nothing like gulps I keep buying them. White shrimp with chartreuse tail has been my go to for 3 plus years in North Carolina for trout and flounder.

roy l noblin
1 year ago

i’ve pretty much quit using gulp due to they changed so soft they don’t stay on the hook with a hit. this caused them to be expensive and also what happened to all that plastic they pulled off the hook. i think you did a video awhile back saying gulp listened and went back to the stronger formula and something on the package showed how to be able to tell the new tougher from the old soft. if you did please run it again as i can’t find it or was i just dreaming 🙂

roy l noblin
1 year ago
Reply to  Luke Simonds

thank you and this time it is bookmarked so i can find it


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