How To Save 25% On Gulp Shrimp [Bucket vs. Packets]


It’s Gulp time!

And particularly, it’s saving money on Gulp time.

Conventional wisdom says that buying things in bulk saves you money.

But is that the case with Gulp products?

I recently did some digging to see whether or not buying Gulp shrimp in bulk (the buckets) is cheaper than buying Gulp by the packet.

Check out the video for the surprising results:

How To Save Money On Gulp Shrimp [VIDEO]

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Crazy right?

I can’t believe Gulp shrimp packets are the better deal… I have gone through a bunch of them over the years, so no telling how much I could have saved.

Note: 25% less per shrimp is based on getting packets for $5.96, which is what I paid when going out to buy these 3 options at a local Walmart.

Worst case, you should at least be able to find them for $6.99 a pack which still provides a savings of 6% compared to the best bulk option.

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How To Store Gulp Shrimp

The best way to store Gulp shrimp is in a waterproof Plano container.

Here’s why:

  1. The Gulp buckets are prone to leaking and you do not want their potent formula leaking in your boat, garage or house.
  2. The containers will keep any air from getting to the baits and drying them out (which sometimes happens with the packets).
  3. The bottom of the Gulp bucket is concave, which can warp your Gulp shrimp and alter their action in the water (which will cause you to catch less fish).
  4. The colors don’t really bleed, so you can keep different colors and Gulp products in one container, as opposed to having several different packets or buckets.

You can get a waterproof Plano container here:


Gulp doesn’t include the number of baits in the buckets, so I always assumed buying the buckets was a better deal because I was buying in bulk.

However, I crunched some numbers and found the following:

  • The big bulk container for $19.99 has 16 shrimp ($1.25 each)
  • The smaller container for $9.96 has 7 shrimp ($1.42 each)
  • The packet for $5.96 to 6.99 contains 6 shrimp ($0.99 to $1.17 each)

Life lesson here: always inspect what you expect!

What do you think?

Will you be buying them by the packet from now on?

If you have any questions about Gulp products, let us know in the comments below!

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Ronald H Mattson
3 years ago

Hope you are comparing apples to apples with the Gulp shrimps. Berkeley has 2 different concentrations of liquid one they call ‘alive’ which supposedly more concentrated and more expensive than regular Gulp. I am not thrilled with recent purchases as the newer body’s are very soft and easily come off the hooks I use. I am a believer that the juice/body has a shelf life as the juice not only changes color but the smell is different over time. Berkeley will not comment on shelf life.

John Shufflebarger
3 years ago

Luke, thanks for the great tips on gulp baits! I was just in Walmart the other day and saw a new Plano product that may be an alternative to the snap top containers you show. I bought one and will be trying it out, but I am new to gulp and artificial baits in general, so it will be a while before I have any real time with it. I am posting this tip fyi for now. I will follow up with actual experience when I get some. It is similar in size to the smaller Gulp container, but stackable. The model is 4651. Here is a link to one from tackle warehouse.

Don Miller
3 years ago

Thanks Luke for taking the time to research this. I have been purchasing Gulp Shrimp by the pack and was preparing to purchase a bucket , not now. You just justified the convenience of the pack over the bulk container. The packs however come with minimal juice, where does one purchase just the juice?

Luke Simonds
3 years ago
Reply to  Don Miller

The Gulp Alive juice can be purchased in most Walmarts and other big fishing retail stores. But I personally just buy the bulk tubs of Gulps when in need of more juice because I believe the tubs are a good deal when in need of both juice and Gulps.

Gary Friedman
3 years ago

So my question to you Luke is, If you keep your Gulp baits under your console and stay there even when the boat is in your side yard with a cover on it.
I guess what I’m trying to learn is “Can extreme heat effect the “juice” and durability of the bait?

Should the baits be stored in a dry suitable temperature area???

Thanks for the video, I wasn’t always consistent with the riggings, big help.

Luke Simonds
3 years ago
Reply to  Gary Friedman

Hey Gary, my apologies for taking so long to reply… I somehow missed your question when it came in. The heat can cause the juice to darken faster. But that’s not too much of a performance issue (just looks unappealing to humans). Also, the heat will cause the juice to evaporate faster than it otherwise would. So the best thing to do is keep them stored in room temperatures. But keeping them stored in a hot boat won’t totally ruin the baits so it’s certainly an option.

Robert Knowles
3 years ago

Great video. Thanks Luke

William Brixon
4 years ago

I have been buying my gulps from, omg, Walmart.
Less than the 4.99 from Academy, but not by much. Maybe .25. Not quite a full selection but decent selection.
On the big bucket don’t forget you are buying the bucket and extra juice. Buy one bucket and then put your packets into the bucket juice. Just a thought.

Thomas Marks
4 years ago

Great tip on Glup…. I use a lot of Gulp up on the Great Lakes for smallmouth bass. I never did the study on the large container vs bags but I would not be surprised it is the same for the leeches. Good storage tip, my boat smells of spilled Gulp.

Scott Rispaud
4 years ago

Try buying the bags and any liquid proof container that makes you happy for your style of fishing (boat, kayak, shore, surf etc.) Then you can buy 8 oz. of Gulp Recharge for 4.99 or less and just add a little as you need it. It’s available in 2oz. or 8oz. with the 8oz. being a far better deal. I always have it on hand.

Bert Flexer
4 years ago

What is the best color of soft plastic for muddy water with limited visibility?

Mike Thompson
1 year ago
Reply to  Bert Flexer


4 years ago

Great tips Luke. I also have a love hate relationship with Gulp products, but every time I quit them I end up going back. Nothing has caught me as many fish as the jerk shad. That Plano box size is the perfect one for Gulp baits and I have not had one leak yet. The larger size waterproof Planos will leak the Gulp juice because they don’t seal quite as good as the small box. Also, I have seen the white gulp baits turn that color as they get older even when not mixed with other colors. I think the juice just darkens with time. The new packages in the store usually have very clear juice, and the older ones have darker juice.


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